Field training - Railway structures (1 week)

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137YZVT KZ 1 2C Czech

In order to register for the course 137YZVT, the student must have registered for the course 137ZE01 no later than in the same semester.

Garant předmětu:
Leoš Horníček
Department of Railway Structures

The subject is focused on the practical acquisition of skills in the field of passporting of the railway line, basic geodetic work (polygon plan, alignment of cross-sections and longitudinal profile, laying out the transition curve) and the processing of related calculation and drawing documentation. Part of the teaching is the performance of a static and impact load test and the measurement of the parameters of the structural arrangement of the track in the curve and in the turnout. The education takes place in the form of a five-day course on a real railway track. Students work in teams.


Exam from subject 137ZE01.

Syllabus of lectures:

The course does not have lectures. This is a practical exercise in the field.

Syllabus of tutorials:

Topographical and altimetric surveying of the existing railway line (polygon layout, surveying of cross-sections), reconstruction proposal, drawing part (situation, longitudinal profile, sample cross-section), laying out the transition curve). Performance of static and impact load test, measurement of track geometric parameters.

Study Objective:

Practical application of acquired knowledge in the given field during teaching in the field. Gaining practical experience with geodetic instruments, measuring equipment for static and impact load testing and working in a team.

Study materials:

!Horníček, L. a kolektiv: Praktické cvičení ze železničních staveb, ČVUT v Praze, 2013, ISBN 978-80-01-05057-6

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?Esveld C.: Modern Railway Track, TU Delft, 2016, ISBN 978-1-326-05172-3

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:ČSN 73 6360-2, Konstrukční a geometrické uspořádání koleje železničních drah a její prostorová poloha - Část 2: Stavba a přejímka, provoz a údržba, ČNI, 2009

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