Project Design 1

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127PZ01 KZ 5 4C Czech
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Department of Urban Design, Town and Regional Planning

The project is tought in cooperation with other departments. Preparation for bachelor thesis, collecting the information, preparation of data, state of art.


Participation in introductory exercises with interpretation of min. 6

Active consultation of the project min. 6

2 compulsory presentations

Syllabus of lectures:

The course does not have lectures.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Introduction to the subject, organizational and formal requirements, assignment of the project.

2. Map materials, state map works. A drawing of wider relationships. Drawing of functional use - areas with different ways of use.

3. Evaluation of the state and development of the territory (limits for the use of the territory and values in the territory) - transport and technical infrastructure, civic amenities incl. accessibility, public spaces.

4. Evaluation of the state and development of the territory (limits of land use and values in the territory) - socio-demographic conditions, economic conditions, housing, recreation and tourism, nature and landscape protection, ZPF and PUPFL.

5. Evaluation of the state and development of the territory (limits of land use and values in the territory) - geology and rock environment, water regime, environmental hygiene.

6. Positives, negatives (SWOT analysis), evaluation of the balance of the relationship of territorial conditions for the sustainable development of the territory, the potential of the territory. Problems to solve - defects, conflicts, threats.

7. Presentation of limits and values in the territory, consultation.

8.-12. Consultation.

13. Presentation of the project - problems to be solved in the ÚPD. Submitting the project.

Study Objective:

Preparation for bachelor thesis - initial project.

Study materials:

Act No. 183/2006 Coll., Building Act

Decree No. 500/2006 SColl.

Methodological instructions for Annex No. 1 of Decree No. 500/2006 Coll.

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