Dams and the Operation of Hydraulic Structures

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Pavel Satrapa
Department of Hydraulic Structures

Students will be introduced to the basics of dam design, construction and operation with a focus on safety and other links to the surrounding environment during the Dam Education Semester. An important area of instruction is dam construction in a forward-looking perspective - safety, repairs, upgrades and reconstruction. In addition, students will receive basic information on the state administration in water management with a focus on hydraulic structures in the waterworks operation block. They will learn about the contents of the hydraulic structures regulations and operating rules. They will receive basic information on the issue of winter operation of streams and hydraulic structures and on monitoring the behaviour of hydraulic structures. At the end of the course, the safety of hydraulic structures in operation will be presented. The course is taught in the form of lectures and exercises. In the exercises, students work on individual tasks related to the design of dams.


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Syllabus of lectures:

1 - dams in the context of hydrotechnical constructions, background for designing, surveys, construction start, specifics of dam construction, construction phasing in the concept of buildings

2 - classification and construction types of dams, concept of design of cross section of fill and concrete dams

3 - loading of dams

4 - foundation of dams, construction technology

5 - emergency spillways

6 - bottom outlets

7 - dam concrete, concrete dams, special dam designs

8 - earthfill and rockfill dams, drains and filters in dam bodies

9 - dam crest design of the fill and concrete dam, communications in the dam body, elevation of the dam crest above the water level

10 - monitoring the behaviour of dams

11 - operation of dams, management and operating regulations

12 - current issues of dam construction in our country

13 - dams in the world

Syllabus of tutorials:

1 - preparation of hydrological data and design parameters, dam location, basic concept in connection with the construction

2 - load calculations, reservoir characteristics

3 - design of a sample cross-section of a concrete dam, position of levels, calculation of dam stability

4 - design of the earthfill dam, calculation of seepage, drawing of the dam cross-section

5 - conceptual layout of the dam and its structures

6 - design of the emergency spillway and water diversion from the spillway

7 - design of bottom outlets and stilling basin

8 - construction phases and equipment requirements for each phase

9 - consultation on the design drawings

10 - operation of hydraulic structures - introduction

11 - operation of hydraulic structures - practice, preparatory phase

12 - operation of hydraulic structures - monitoring

13 - operation of hydraulic structures - evaluation of monitoring results, measures to ensure continued safety

Study Objective:

To guide students through the basic process of a dam construction project from preliminary design through the preparation of basic calculations to the preparation of drawings of the basic dam structures.

Study materials:

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