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2223030 Z 8 0P+8C
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Department of Aerospace Engineering

Dissertation is assigned according to practical needs of the industry or according to research and development intentions of the University.

Design of an aircraft construction or its part, its aerodynamic analysis, determination of load, stress control, proposal of production technology and preparation and execution of test under the leadership of the head of the dissertation.


Completion of compulsory and choice-compulsory subjects of the first, second and third semester of master's degree in Aerospace Technology, unconditionally Project II and III.

Parallel with the overlapping compulsory and choice-compulsory subjects in the forth semester of master's degree in Aerospace Technology.

Syllabus of lectures:
Syllabus of tutorials:

The basic point will be assigned according to assignment by the tutor of the course. The thesis should generally contain the following sections:

- Background research: introduction to the issue, literature study, study of material recommended by the supervisor

- Creative part: proving creative design abilities and ingeneering qualities with respect to the assigned topic

- Analytic part: proving the ability to use up-to-date analytic instruments to evaluate the suitability of the designed solution with respect to the assigned parameters (aerodynamic and stress analysis, construction technology, functionality of measuring chains)

- Evaluation: proving the ability to evaluate the correlation of obtained results with the assignemnet and define conclusions

Study Objective:

The goal of the dissertation is to prove creative ingeneering skills of the master student and his/her ability to individually solve the assigned task under the leadership of the dissertation head and the consultants. The dissertation is done in the fields of aircraft construction, its aerodynamics and stress analysis, production technology, or tests.

Study materials:

-E. Torenbeek: Synthesis of Subsonic Airplane Design, Kluwer Academis Publishers, Delft 1982, ISBN 90-247-2724-3

-Roskam J.: Airplane Desing, Roskam Aviation and Engineering Corporation, 1985

-D. P. Raymer: Aircraft Design: A Conceptual Approach, AIAA Education Series, Washington 1989, ISBN 0-930403-51-7

-Other literature - Assigned by the head of dissertation according to assigned theme

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