Project I.

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Department of Aerospace Engineering

Conceptual design of an training sports aircraft, statistical research, determination of basic geometrical, aerodynamic and mass characteristics of an aircraft, its flight performance and features, calculation of wing load, proposal of its construction and strengh check of its carrier parts, threedimensional drawing of an aircraft, system drawing of a wing, elaboration of a technical report and project defence in presentation.


Parallel concurrence with: Aerodynamics and Mechanics of Flight, Aircraft Structures, Strength and Fatigue Life of Aircrafts and Motors, Aircraft Propulsion

Syllabus of lectures:
Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Assignment of the Project I, foreword notices to the design of an aircraft structure, statistics

2. Sizing of the lift surfaces

3. Mass analysis, mass envelope, the center of gravity and the neutral point relation

4. Integral aerodynamic characteristics of the airplane

5. The neutral point position

6. The flight envelope of load factor in terms of certification specifications

7. The lift distribution along the wing, wing loading

8. Basic flight performance and handling qualities

9. The wing structure design

10. Load distribution into wing structure

11. Design and stress analysis of the wing spar

12. Design and stress analysis of the wing skin

13. Consultation

Study Objective:

Work out and defend in presentation, in consonance with the lectured procedure, a concesptual design of an trainnig sports aircraft, e.g. work out statistics, state basic geometrical, aerodynamic and mass aircraft features, its flight performance and features, carry out a calculation of wing load, its construction proposal and strenght check of its carrier parts, work out a three dimensional drawing of an aircraft, system wing drawing and a technical report.

Study materials:

-E. Torenbeek: Synthesis of Subsonic Airplane Design, Kluwer Academis Publishers, Delft 1982, ISBN 90-247-2724-3

-D. P. Raymer: Aircraft Design: A Conceptual Approach, AIAA Education Series, Washington 1989, ISBN 0-930403-51-7

-D. Stinton: The Anatomy of The Aeroplane, Blackwell Scientific Publications, Oxford 1989, ISBN 0-632-01876-3

-T. H. G. Megson: Aircraft Structures for engineering students, (2nd edition), Edward Arnold, London 1990, ISBN 0-7131-3676-6

-N. S. Currey: Aircraft Landing Gear Design : Principles and Practices, AIAA Education Series, Washington, 1988, ISBN 0930403-41-X

-M. N. Šulženko: Konstrukcija samoletov, MAŠINOSTROJENIE, Moskva, 1971

-M. C. Y. NIU: Airframe Structural Design, Conmilit Press Ltd., Hong Kong, 1990, ISBN 962-7128-04-X

-J. Cutler: Understanding Aircraft Structures (second edition), Blackwell Scientific Publications, Oxford, 1992, ISBN 0-632-03241-3

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