Space systems

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Department of Aerospace Engineering

Student will get an basic informations about architecture of spacecrafts. Main focus will be the description of spacecrafts subsystem.


No requirements.

Syllabus of lectures:

1) Introduction and overview of subsystems of spacecrafts and their functions

2) Construction ? basics of main structure of spacecrafts, differences between launcher and payload, influence of varying-G, vibrations and space environment

3) Attitude determination and control systems ? rotation of free gyroscope, passive and active methods of stabilization in microgravity, attitude determination

4) Control systems ? HW and SW architecture, telemetry, feedback, autonomous systems

5) Power systems I ? capabilities and parameters of power sources fo spaceflight, power requirements of various subsystems, power management

6) Power systems I ? solar panels, influence of orbit on insolation, degradation of solar panels, radioisotope sources, thermoelectric sources and reactors, primary batteries and accumulators, another power sources, external delivery of power

7) Navigation ? methods of position and attitude determination, optical, radio and radar systems GPS

8) Propulsion ? primary and attitude control propulsion, types of propulsion and their application fields, chemical and physical propulsion

9) Communication ? methods of remote communication, radio communication, frequency bands, bandwidth, technical means (antennas, transmitters, receivers), optical communication, influence of Eart atmosphere

10) Payload ? types of payload and their requirements

11) Life support systems ? living conditions requierements of complex organisms and humans, delivery and recyclation of air and water, forced movement of air, life support systems of spaceships and pressure suits

12) Temperature control ? heat transfer in vacuum, temperature control of spacecraft, active and passive systems

13) Reentry systems ? peculiarities of hypersonic velocities, high-temperature materials, controlled reentry, parachute systems, landing systems

Syllabus of tutorials:

1) Construction

2-3) Attitude determination and control systems

4-7) Power systems

8) Navigation

9) Propulsion

10-11) Communication

12) Temperature control

13) Reentry systems

Study Objective:

An introduction to spacecrafts.

Study materials:

?Brown, C. (ed): Elements of Spacecraft Design, AIAA, 2003

?Sidi, M. J.: Spacecraft Dynamics and Control: A Practical Engineering Approach, Cambridge U. Press; 2000

?Griffin, M. D., French, J. R.: Space Vehicle Design, Second Edition, AIAA, 2004

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