Space Mechanics and Environment

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Department of Aerospace Engineering

Student will get a basics of space mechanics and specialties of space environment and space technology. Main part will be devoted to astrodynamics and motion of bodies in space.


No requirements.

Syllabus of lectures:

1) Introduction, Newton's laws of motion and conservation laws, law of gravitation

2) Point mass in the spherical gravitational field I. ? equations of motion, special cases (circular and escape velocities, Kepler laws, Lagrange points)

3) Point mass in the spherical gravitational field II. ? reference frames, orbitel elements and their transformation

4) Motion with acceleration I. ? body with varying mass, reactive propulsion, Tsiolkovski equation

5) Motion with acceleration II. ? delta-v, impulse, specific impulse, single- and double-impulse maneuvers, continuous maneuvers

6) Motion with acceleration III. ? transfer trajectories, movement of space launcher, multistage rocket

7) Motion of 3D body I. ? momentum of inertia, rotation of rigid body, variable momentum of inertia

8) Motion of 3D body II. ? influence of gravity field gradient, active and passive attitude control

9) Problems of space environment and technology I. ? microgravity, lowered and increased g-forces, vacuum physics and technology, thermal balance of spacecrafts

10) Problems of space environment and technology II. ? basic problems of space plasma, motion of charged particles, space radiation (types, origin, effects) and micrometeoroids, special materials in space technology, extreme demands on construction

11) Problems of space environment and technology III. ? remote observation, sensing and long-range communication, basic problems of space medicine

12) Problems of space environment and technology IV. ? non-ideal gravity field, stability and special types of orbits, planetary magnetic fields

13) Problems of space environment and technology V. ? upper layers of atmosphere and ionosphere, basic problems of launch and reentry of spacecrafts

Syllabus of tutorials:

1-4) Point mass in the gravitational

5-8) Motion with acceleration

9-11) Motion of 3D body

12-13) Problems of space environment and technology

Study Objective:

Introduction to the basics of space mechanics.

Study materials:

?Pisacane, V. L.: The Space Environment and Its Effects on Space Systems, AIAA, 2008

?Sidi, M. J.: Spacecraft Dynamics and Control: A Practical Engineering Approach, Cambridge U. Press; 2000

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