Organization of Rescuing Actions

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Department of Health Care Disciplines and Population Protection

The course is part of the specialist subjects, and is aimed at expanding students' managerial knowledge to protect the population. The course strives to acquaint students with a history of providing aid and relief organizations working various types of disasters.


Essay on an assigned topic.

Syllabus of lectures:

System of coordination and emergency management activities of individual components

Organization of rescue work, natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, etc.)

Organization of rescue operations during large-scale fires and industrial accidents

Organization of rescue operations during disasters in transport

Organization of rescue operations during terrorist attacks

Syllabus of tutorials:

Ways to protect the population in Europe and the USA.

Basic components of emergency

Other rescue forces

Technology prací.x rescue

Technology repairs. Training.

Rescue work in inaccessible locations

Rescue work in large urban agglomerations

Specifics of rescue work in the subway

Specifics of rescue work in the historically valuable buildings

Specifics of rescue work in medical facilities

Study Objective:

To acquaint students with the techniques used by the IRS to deal with emergencies and crisis situations, its options, including support systems and activities.

Study materials:

Poledňák P.: Integrovaný záchranný systém. FŠI ŽU, Žilina 2006 (súbor prednášok)

Poledňák, P.: Manažment záchranných činností. FŠI ŽU, Žilina 2007 (súbor prednášok)

Hruška Z.: Organizácia jednotiek požiarnej ochrany I., Edícia SPBI Spektrum, Ostrava 1998

Rucký, E.: Priemyselné lezectvo a záchranárstvo, Edícia SPBI Spektrum, Ostrava 2000

Šenovský, M: - Adamec, V.: Základy krízového manažmentu, Edícia SPBI Spektrum, Ostrava 2001

Legislatívne akty jednotlivých zložiek integrovaného záchranného systému, vykonávajúce predpisy k zákonom

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