Buildings Services Systems

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125BSE Z,ZK 5 2P+2C English
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Department of Indoor Enviromental and Building Services Engineering

Introductory Course of Building Services is focused on sanitary installations, gas supply system and heating systems. Sanitary installations - introduction, hydraulic pipes, water supply facilities, balance water needs. Internal water supply systems - installation, materials, calculation, waste water and disposal, sewage systems, internal drainage, types of fixtures. Gas - external pipelines, connections, balance of gas, internal pipeline systems, flue gas. Central heating and design of heating surfaces. Calculation of heat balance. Heating system. Preparation of hot water. Heat sources - boiler, electric heating, district heating, renewable sources.


Attendance at lectures is highly recommended. Participation in other forms of organized learning is mandatory and is controlled.

Exam conditions.

The exam has a written and oral part. Before starting the written part of the exam, the student must complete seminars and obtain credit in KOS system. The written part of the exam is in the form of written answers to 10 questions - 5 from sanitary systems (water supply, sewerage, gas pipeline) and 5 from heating. Each part is evaluated separately, the minimum number of points achieved for each part is 5 out of 10. If the student fails to meet this condition, he / she fails the test and must repeat the entire exam. The duration of the written test is 2x15 minutes.

The final classification is done in the oral part of the exam on the basis of the written part and additional questions, taking into account the assessment from the exercises. In case the student does not appear to the oral part of the test, the test result is „insufficient“ and must repeat the entire test

Syllabus of lectures:

Introduction into building services

Building drainage

Water supply

Gas supply

Applied thermomechanics, thermal comfort

Heating systems,Principle of Heating system, Heat loss calculation

Heating systems - hydraulics, geometry

Heating systems

Heat sources

Renewable sources

Syllabus of tutorials:

1 Introduction to tasks, Sanitary appliances,

2 Sanitary appliances, Building drainage 1,

3 Building drainage 2

4 Water supply

5 Water supply 2

6 Gas supply

7 Consultation of the first three assignments

8 Heat Losses Calculation and Radiators Design

9 Heating system design 1

10 Heating system design 2

11 Central heating system - gas boiler plant

12 Final consultation and credits

Study Objective:

Understand the principles and design of internal water, sewerage, gas and heating systems.

Distinguish between the different types of design of these systems and know their advantages and disadvantages.

To be familiar with the safety regulations and standards relating to these systems.

Study materials:

Harris C.M. :Handbook of utilities and services for buildings (McGraw-Hill 1990)

ASHRAE Handbook 2000 HVAC Systems and Equipment

Details of plumbing fixtures you can find at http://www.laufen.cz/

Catalogue of the drainage pipes and fittings you can find at http://www.ekoplastik.cz/

Building control systems (faculty library C7529)

Services & environmental engineering ( faculty library C6391/1)

Chadderton David V. Building Services Engineering (E&FN SPON 1995)

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