Engine Structures and Design

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Department of Aerospace Engineering

Turbine engine classification and areas of their application. Induction systems, protection of inlet systems. Axial, centrifugal, and mixed compressors. Compressor maps, stable operation, control. Combustion chambers - types, characteristics. Kinetics of combustion, flame stabilisation, perfect combustion, temperature distribution, pressure losses. Axial and radial turbines. Characteristics, air cooled turbines. Exhaust systems, thrust reversing. Engine modules. Casing systems, bearing supports, rotor systems. Engine mounts. Secondary air systems and their elements. Lubrication systems. Fuel systems. Engine starting. Materials and special manufacturing techniques. Development, production, and operation of turbine engines. Engine operation legislation. Engine operation and environment.


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Syllabus of lectures:

1.Classification, working principles, design concepts and basic parameters of aircraft turbine engines

2.Inlet systems, supersonic inlets, subsonic inlets. Control, design. Inlet system protection

3.Axial, centrifugal, and mixed compressors. Requirements, operation, control. Compressor maps. Design

4.Combustion chambers. Requirements, operation, characteristics. Design. Afterburner combustors

5.Axial turbines, radial turbines. Requirements, operation, characteristics. Turbine cooling. Radial clearances

6.Exhaust systems. Design, control. Thrust reversing, thrust vectoring

7.Secondary air systems, basic elements. Axial thrust, bearings. Clearances control

8.Working cycles, performance characteristics, steady and transient runs. Thrust and power augmentation

9.Reduction gearboxes, auxiliary gearboxes. Design elements. Thrust and torque measurement

10.Casing systems. Engine mounts. Rotor systems, shafts

11.Lubrication and fuel systems. Engine control. Starting and ignition

12.Operation, maintenance, engine condition monitoring, repairs, foreign object damage, airworthiness limitations

13.Engine testing, engine component testing. Airworthiness requirements. Certification

14.Engine modules. Future trends in engine design. Development process. Engine operation impact on environment

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Calculation of turbine engine thrust/power

2.Ideal propulsion. Propulsive efficiency

3.Standard atmosphere. Correction of turbine engine performance

4.Inlet system flow. Inlet losses

5.1 D design of axial and centrifugal compressor

6.Calculation of combustion chamber losses

7.1 D design of axial turbine

8.Calculation of exhaust system losses

9.Calculation of rotor system thrust

10.Secondary system elements flow calculation

11.Engine components characteristics. Utilisation

12.Jet engine working cycle calculation

13.Turbopropeller/turboshaft engine working cycle calculation

14.Calculation of steady and transient engine runs

Study Objective:

Explain principles of aircraft propulsion from the point of view of a thrust production and energy demands.

Explain principles of aircraft engine functioning with regard to their type.

Familiarisation with working cycles of turbine engines and engine design concepts.

Explain a process of energy transformations within aircraft power plants.

Explain design concepts of engine parts and turbine engine systems.

Explain operational characteristics of aircraft power plants, throttle characteristics, ground and altitude performance characteristics

Familiarisation with processes of development, production. Operation of turbine engines and applicable legislation.

Explain environmental impact of engine operation. Noise and fuel emissions. Ways of reduction of these by-products.

Study materials:

?Mattingly: Elements of Propulsion, Washington, 2006

?The Jet Engine, Rolls-Royce, 2005

?Skubačevskij: Aviacionnyje gazoturbinnyje dvigateli, Moskva 1974

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