CATIA for Energy Engineering

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Department of Energy Engineering

A basic introduction to the work with Catia v6 software. The design of component models (pumps, heat) of energy systems (power plants, combined power and heating plants, heating plants). Design of energy partical systems from component models (piping lines of feed water heating system). The design of proposal selected compoments model and their integration into the full model of the energy system (eg, main feedwater pump in pipes line of feed water heating system of nuclear power plants). The possibilities of utilization of creating models in other computational software (Fluent, Comsol).

Syllabus of lectures:

- Introduction to the CATIA V6

- Operations with documents Catia v6

- Creating mechanical parts

- Working with Feature based modeling

- Creating groups/reports and animations

- Creating design documentation

- Specific design training (piping, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, etc.)

Syllabus of tutorials:

Lecture 1:Introduction to the CATIA V6

- Introduction with Enovie software setting, Introduction with Catie v6 software setting, VPM Navigator

Lecture 2:Operations with documents Catia v6

- Data Import/Export, search data in Catia, working with files (unlocking / locking, change file properties)

Lecture 3:Creating mechanical parts

- Design of PLM objects, Introduction with PART design, Sketch design, use the links, dependence of dimensions, creation of equivalent proportions

Lecture 4:Working with Feature based modeling

- Basis of work with Base and Shelable features, modifications of the model using local modifiers

Lecture 5:Creating groups/reports and animations

- Placement of components into groups, linking of components, create a functional model, Animation of Mechanisms

Lecture 6:Creating design documentation

- Inserting models into drawings, Making views, Creating a detailed views and sections, The work with dimension lines

Lecture 7:Specific design training I.

- Design of specific components, component groups (eg pipelines, pressure vessels, heat exchangers)

Lecture 8:Specific design training II.

- Work in the design group, the work of selected components under supervision (eg main circulation pump, pressure vessel, steam generators, pressurizer)

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