HR Statistical Techniques

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Institute of Pedagogical and Psychological Studies

The Bc course in Statistical methods in HR management at Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies will aim to train you to solve real-world statistical problems. The course has a particular focus on modern computationally-intensive methods and their use in the analysis of data. Topics include basic statistical principles; graphic presentation; descriptive measures of central tendency, dispersion, and location; inferential statistics and hypothesis testing; analysis and inference of linear correlation coefficient, slope of regression line, design od experiments, response surface methodology, robust design, random effects model, and statistics quality control methods. Students will apply statistical concepts to real world situations. Current technology will be utilized in examining statistical information.

Syllabus of lectures:

This course covers the following topics:

An overview of statistics,

Data description: scales of measurement, how to describe data graphically for categorical data (pie chart, bar chart) and graphs for quantitative variables (histogram, stem-and-leaf plot and time plot)

How to describe data by summary statistics: measures of central tendency and variability

How probability and probability distributions are involved in statistics

How binomial distributions are involved in statistics

The role that normal distributions play in statistics

Simple random sampling and sampling distribution of sample mean, central limit theorem, normal approximation to the binomial

Confidence interval for population mean, Sample size needed for estimating the population mean with a specified confidence level and specified width of the interval

Hypothesis testing: in terms of how to set up Null and Alternative hypotheses, understanding Type I and Type II errors, performing a statistical test for the population mean

How to compute power of a test and choosing the sample size for testing population mean

p-value, how to compute it and how to use it

How to compare the mean of two populations for independent samples: using pooled variances t-test versus separate variances t-test

How to compare the mean of two populations for paired data

How to compare two population proportions

Using contingency table and the Chi-square test of independence

Using an F-test to compare the variances of two populations

Analyzing data using multiple regression methods- links.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Random variables, numerical characteristics

2. Regression and correlation analysis

3. Statistical testing of hypothesis

4. Design of Experiments: binary form factorial designs

5. Robust Design

6. Statistical quality control

Study Objective:
Study materials:

1. Kožíšek, J., Stieberová, B.: Statistika v příkladech, Verlag Dashofer, Praha 2012.

2. Hindls, R., Hronová, S. et al. Statistika pro ekonomy. Professional publishing. 2007

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