Information Systems in Health Services

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17PBFISZ Z,ZK 3 2P+2C Czech
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Department of Biomedical Informatics

The scope of the subject is acquainting the student with methods of planning and implementation of applications of information technologies to healthcare services. In the introduction to the subject, the students will be familiarized with problems of database systems in general. These are particularly hospital information systems, manager information systems, integration of healthcare information systems, implementation of the system for connection to the electronic healthcare book, i.e. implementation of the interface between the hospital integration system and electronic healthcare book, systems for planning visits of patients and support of subsequent processes (possibility of integration into the hospital integration system), laboratory information systems (LIS), facility management, PACS, DICOM, electronic archives, data storing and also outsourcing, which is one of variants how to effectively solve problems of hospitals with rather large requirements for personal, financial and knowledge sources in innovations and administration of information systems. Clinical and complementary information systems. Data safety and protection of sensitive data. Basic technology aspects of the IS reliability and availability and application of data. Data communication standards. Integration of heterogeneous healthcare and medical systems. Legal aspects of the convergence of communications, financial services and media. Electronic identifier of the insured client. Quality of healthcare information systems. Certification of information systems in accordance with Law No. 365/2000 Sb. - support of the quality and safety of information system in healthcare services. eHealth - priority of the program eEurope and key application to wide-band initiative.


Conclusion of the course is examination.

Syllabus of lectures:

1st - 2nd weeks Method of planning and implementation of information technologies

3rd - 4th weeks Problems of database systems

5th - 6th weeks Data safety and protection of sensitive data

7th - 8th weeks Legal aspects of the communication convergence

9th - 10th weeks Quality of healthcare information systems

11th - 12th weeks Perspective trends in the information system development

13th week Characteristics of healthcare information systems in the Czech Republic

Syllabus of tutorials:

1st - 2nd weeks System for planning patient visits

3rd - 4th weeks Clinical and complementary IS

5th - 6th weeks Laboratory information systems

7th - 8th weeks Electronic filing, data storing

9th - 10th weeks Data communication standards

11th - 12th weeks Electronic identifier of the client insured

13th week Certification of information systems

Study Objective:

To master basic knowledge within the subject to the extent necessary for the performance of the profession in the branch physiotherapist.

Study materials:

[1] Zvárová, J.: Základy informatiky pro biomedicínu a

zdravotnictví. Praha, Karolinum 2003

[2] Kasal, P.; Svačina, Š. a kol.: Lékařská informatika. Praha, Karolinum 1998 (není novější vydání)

[3] Nemocniční informační systémy ve výuce informatiky na

lékařských fakultách : 15.-16. června 2000, Chudobín u

Olomouce : sborník. ISBN 80-238-5688-X. Praha, Stapro 2000

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