Aircraft Structures

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Department of Aerospace Engineering

The course is an introduction lecture for structure branch aerospace technology. The course acquaints with fundamental types of aircraft structures, forces acting on the aircraft structures and aircraft materials. It further acquaints with functions of aircraft control surfaces. Philosophy of the safety, reliability, strength certification, and airworthiness as well as the aviation regulations is given.


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Syllabus of lectures:

1. History and development of aeronautics. Classification of aircraft. Fundamental parts and systems.

2. Safety, reliability and airworthiness. Limit states of aircraft structure and strength certification. Aviation regulations.

3. Load factor. Manoeuvring loads. Manoeuvring envelope of load factor.

4. Gust load. Gust load factor and envelope of gust load factor.

5. Distribution of aerodynamic and mass forces along aerodynamic lift surfaces.

6. Aircraft materials

7. Thin-wall aircraft structures. Construction schemes of wings

8. Lift and drag devices. Systems for lateral control (ailerons, spoilers).

9. Empennage. Structure, longitudinal and lateral stability.

10. Control forces, balance, trim.

11. Fuselage structure, pressurisation.

12. Undercarriage.

13. Aeroelasticity.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Aerodynamic forces and moments ? part I.

2. Aerodynamic forces and moments ? part II.

3. Manoeuvring load factor.

4. Gust load factor.

5. Load factor envelope.

6. Load of wing

7. Thin-wall structures

8. Wing structures.

9. Longitudinal stability.

10 Aircraft structure laboratory ? strength test of aircraft structure.

11. Control forces, hinge moment.

12. Undercarriage damping.

13. Knowledge test

Study Objective:

The goal of the course is get to know and understand fundamentals of aircraft structures. It represents an understanding of philosophy of an aircraft structure design (types of structures, loads, structure limit states, ...) in relation to the safety, reliability and certifications required by the aviation regulations.

Study materials:

?Cutler J: Understanding Aircraft Structures (second edition) Blackwell Scientific Publication, Oxford 1992, ISBN 0-632-03241-3

?Stinton, D.: Anatomy of the Aeroplane, Wiley Blackwell, 1998, ISBN-13: 978-0632040292

?Niu M.C. Y.: Airframe structural design, Conmilit Press Ltd., 1988

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