Business Economics

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Department of Software Engineering

This course is aimed to fundamental problems of business economy. The course makes students familiar with a life cycle of business, specifically with fields: enterprise foundation, enterprise putting into state economic environment (CR), management of property and capital structure, business transaction records keeping during an accounting period, a relation between business production and costs, evaluation of enterprise financial health and business rehabilitation or termination.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Fundamental microeconomic terms and indicators, state economic environment.

2. Business and business objectives, primary and derived business functions.

3. Understanding of own business. Business goals and strategies, business model (business processes) and IT support.

4. Life cycle of business. Business growth, stabilisation, crisis, rehabilitation and termination.

5. Property and capital structure of business. Balance rules.

6. Fundamental principles of accounting. Assets, liabilities, owners' equity. Accounting of production inputs and outputs.

7. Financial reports and their structure and importance. Profit and its structure and division.

8. Cost classification, methods of cost calculation. Relation between profits, production, costs and prices. Cost curve.

9. Tax system in CR. Direct and indirect taxes. Health insurance and social security. Employee costs.

10. Financial management of business - short-run and long-run business funding, investment evaluation.

11. Invited lecture from the industry.

12. Marketing and marketing management.

13. Human resource management. Human resource in IT area.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Rules of the game, conditions for the classified assessment. Entrepreneurship, types of companies.

2. Basics of financial mathematics. Interest calculation.

3. Accounting. Structure of balance sheet, profit-and-loss statement, cash-flow statement; relationships.

4. Founding budget. Project assignment. Management game.

5. Examples of relationships among profit, production volume, price, and costs.

6. Leverage, break-even point.

7. Break-even point analysis using cash flows. Cost calculation methods.

8. Productivity, profitability, basic indicators of financial situation of a company.

9. Criteria of economical efficiency - practical examples.

10. Financing, criteria of economic efficiency.

11. Tax and accounting writeoffs. Tax shield. Bookkeeping.

12. Test. Project presentations.

13. Project presentations. Case study - workgroup management.

14. Classified assessment.

Study Objective:

Targets and functions of a business, business environment, business life cycle. Cost classification, cost calculation, cost curves. Relations among profit, production volume, price, and costs. Taxes. Financial management and investment decisions. Business plan. Business processes, management. Marketing. Human resource management.

Study materials:

1. BEGG D.: Economics for Business, MCGRAW-HILL Professional, 2012, ISBN: 978-0077139452.

2. BREALEY R.A., MYERS S.C., ALLEN F.: Principles of Corporate Finance, e-book, 2013, ISBN: 978-0078034763.

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