Multi-tier Application Architecture in Biomedicine

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17KBIVAA KZ 3 4P+8S Czech
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Department of Biomedical Informatics

Students will get acquainted with the design and usage of the client-server software architecture namely in biomedicine applications.


Basic knowledge of algorithm development, programming, databases and web functioning

Syllabus of lectures:

Three-tier Software Architecture: Comparing with other architectures, meaning and determination of particular tiers. Data Tier - relational database, data storage and their relations, SQL commands, stored procedures. Application Tier - data mappings to object model, usage of properties and methods, tier interfaces. Presentation Tier - forms, form elements and their bindings to data sources, code behind, events and their program handling, presentation in web browser.

Software technology (platform ASP.NET): validation of input data, navigation, setting up roles and user permissions, user verification, XML, Web Parts, AJAX, Master Page, globalization, examples of usage.

Working with development tools: MS Visual Studio and MS SQL Management Studio.

Syllabus of tutorials:

Creation of own application: According to given task create your own individual biomedicine application - design of a relational data model and an appropriate object model, use naming conventions, design of forms, binding forms and data, design and use of other tiers of application. Creation of interfaces for standard users, authorized users and the application administrator - incl. documentation.

Study Objective:

Students will get familiar with the methodology of the development of large software systems, with principles of effective software creation and with the usage of development tools.

Předmět poskytne studentům metodiku jak vytvářet rozsáhlé softwarové systémy a seznámí je se zásadami efektivní softwarové tvorby a užitím vývojových prostředků.

Study materials:

http://www.asp.net (anglicky)

http://msdn.microsoft.com (anglicky)

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