Implementation and Support of IS in Health Care

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Department of Biomedical Informatics

Course presents basic information about specific processes of implementation and support of large Information Systems in health care area.

Implementation of health care IS process is based on large project management theory description, implementation methodology standards and their application. The best practice and experience in area of large Information System implementation are documented as well.

The description of the implementation process starts by decomposition of the Information System to specific modules and its implementation requirements. Implementation team structure and roles of implementation team members are discussed and described as well as time table of the implementation process including necessary documents contented and structure. Logical part of the course is costs calculation, implementation process planning methodology and risks description and management.

The second part of the course is oriented on the large Information System and its users support. The course presents the typical Support contract structure, specification of vendor and customer duties and rights, classification of user's requirements, response procedures and time of vendor's call center and product specialists. Students will be informed about internal processes of required services handling on customer and support services vendor side.


MS Project basic knowledge

Basic knowledge of IS application in health care

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction (1.1. Large health care IS definition and characteristics, 1.2. Large IT project management theory, 1.3. Implementation of IS as a service

2. Sense and importance of implementation processes standardization (2.1. Implementation methodology standards, 2.2. Analysis and a specification, 2.3. Implementation plan, 2.4. Basic setup for training class, 2.5. Training of coordinators and trainers, 2.6. Application SW acceptance, 2.7. Users training, 2.8. Fulfilling of customer requirements, 2.9. Switch on of routine run of IS, 2.10.Routine run of IS acceptation, 2.11. Structure of management and realization teams)

3. Implementation risks and its critical phase (3.1. IS user's expectation, 3.2. Hospital management expectation, 3.3. Application SW properties limits, 3.4. Cost effectiveness of implementation process, 4. Large IS decomposition and module's implementation specifications, 4.1. Implementation of clinical IS, 4.2. Implementation of LIS, 4.3. Implementation of RIS, 4.4. Implementation of EIS a technical support modules, 4.5. Implementation of pharmacy and stores IS

5. Innovation and IS modules replacement (5.1. Life cycle of SW modules, 5.2. Data compatibility, 5.3. Migration process of IS)

6. IS operations and related support and services (6.1. Basic components of support contract, 6.2. User's and vendor positions and role, 6.3. Malfunction and requirement liability definition, 6.4. Process of requirements treatment tracing and documentation, 6.5. Vendor's services engagement evaluation, 6.6. Outsourcing as a specific form of IS operations)

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. MS Project exploitation training

2. HIS implementation - model project

3. Developing of time schedule of the project

4. Project resource plan

5. Check point definition and criteria of phase evaluation

6. Model of project implementation cost calculation

7. Developing of implementation process model in MS Project environment

8. Developing of support contract model for selected HIS modules

Study Objective:

Present and explain theoretical knowledge and practical experience with large health care IS implementation and support projects.

Study materials:

[1]J.H. van Bemmel, M.A. Musen: Handbook of Medical InformaticsSpringer 1997

[2]E.H. Shortliffe, L.E. Perreault: Medical Informatics 2000

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