Project Proposal and Management

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Department of Biomedical Technology

How to apply for a grant project. Types of grant projects. Stages of proposal of the project. Specific requierements of projects. Documentation of the projects. Management, ordering and coordination of the project. Curriculum vitae. Planing and controlling of project realization. Presentation of the project. Team management in project.Sample application.


Read a book of good grant application writing (see source materials)

Syllabus of lectures:

1.What is a grant proposal.

2.Types of grants.

3.Elements of good proposal. Executive Summary.

4.Statement of Need.

5.Search of literature.

6.Project Description.

7.Writng goals, objectives, outcomes.

8.Budget and Budget Narrative.

9.Curriculum vitae.

10.Organizational information

11.Application. Filling out forms.

12.Sample grant proposal.

Syllabus of tutorials:

Subject matter of excersises follows lectures.

1.Select thema of your interest

2.Perform literature search using resources at Czech Technical University Library(http:// knihovna.cvut.cz, EIR Gateway - brána EIZ) and Internet.

3.Write application for the research grant on the selected thema according to following steps

4.Use standard empty forms for grant application available in the Czech Republic in English

5.Review examples of grant applications

6.Write profesional Curriculum Vitae

7.Specify and explain financial budget

8.Write final virtual grant application.

Study Objective:

Main goal is to give basic skills in preparing, planing, implementation and presentation of grant project application focusing on practical training of the skills .

Study materials:

[1] Judy Termore, Nancy Burke Smith. Grant Writing: A Complete Resource for Proposal Writers. Adams Media 2009

[2] Nancy Burke Smith, Judy Tremore. The Everything Grant Writing Book - 2008

[3] Nancy Burke Smith, E. Gabriel Works. The complete book of grant writing. - 2006

[4] Ellen Karsh. The Only Grant-Writing Book You'll Ever Need - 2010

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