Quality Management Systems

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17PBISRK KZ 3 1P+1S Czech
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Department of Biomedical Technology

Quality. Quality management. Relevant norms. Quality of the hospital processes and systems. Improvement and reengineering of the processes. Euromodel TQM. Health care quality management. Driving and of realization processes of the health care facilities, map of the processes and subprocesses. Project of the integrated management of the health care facility. Possibilities of application of TQM within the health care facility. Relevant HW and SW.


Attendance at seminars:

Each seminar 1 item

Maximum13 items

Presentation of required method application:

0- 7 items

Maximum 7 items

Through test:

0-30 items

Ordinarily 25 items

Final test:

0- 50 items

Ordinarily 40 items

Seminar work:

0-20 items

Ordinarily 15 items

Fully - maximum:

100 items

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Differences in quality understanding.

2.Quality models and modelling of healthcare services.

3.Quality indicators and factors of healthcare services.

4.Modelling of quality management of healthcare services.

5.Healthcare services organising and management.

6.Quality management system in healthcare organisations.

7.Quality services improvement of healthcare organisation.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Seminars methodology and valuation. Seminars work specification.

2.Actual problems of Czech healthcare - essay.

3.A stimulating game of quality management roles in healthcare organisations - Presentation of small healthcare organisation.

4.A stimulating game of quality management roles in healthcare organisations - Experimentation with system quality management processes.

5.A stimulating game of quality management roles in healthcare organisations - Experimentation with inputs and outputs of processes.

6.A stimulating game of quality management roles in healthcare organisations - Documentation of quality management system.

7.Group presentations SMK in MZO.

Study Objective:

The goal of the subject is to inform students about health

care norms of quality management and norms of hospital

systems and process.

Study materials:

[1] Kelly, D., L.: Applying Quality Management in

Healthcare, A Process Improvement, AUPHA Health

Administration Press, Washington, DC, 2004.

[2] ISO/IWA 1:2001(E) Quality Management Systems -

Guidelines for Process Improvements in Healthcare Service

Organizations, ICS 03.120.10 resp. ISO/IWA 1:2001 Směrnice

pro proces zlepšování služeb zdravotnických organizací, ČNI

Praha, 2004.

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