The Basic Use of E-learning

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Department of Biomedical Informatics

The aim of the study subject entitled „The Basic Use of e-learning“ is to provide students with basic knowledge in the field of e-learning and to develop the students' capacity to design and create e-learning materials and courses as a result of acquired knowledge. Furthermore, students will learn how to study the specialized literature and how to communicate in this field.

Subject: The basics of e-learning will provide the students with the knowledge of history and present situation of e-learning, the students will acquire knowledge of the pedagogical aspects of e-learning, of LMS systems and other tools for creating of e-learning materials and of possibilities for assessing the quality of e-learning. Emphasis will be placed on acquiring of practical skills for creating e-learning materials and e-learning courses.


Basics of PC knowledge.

Syllabus of lectures:


2.History and present e-learning

3.LMS systems- overview

4.Principles for the course in the LMS system

5.Pedagogical aspect of e-learning

6.Pedagogical aspect of e-learning

7.Creating tests

8.Creating Questionnaires

9.Czech e-learning resources for medicine

10.International e-learning resources for medicine

11.Other tools for creating e-learning materials

12.Options assessment of quality e-learning


Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Introduction - concept of education, Working with Moodle in student mode

2.Working with Moodle in a teacher mode

3.Basic HTML

4.Creation of e-learning materials in a text editor

5.Creation of e-learning materials in a program for creating presentations

6.Create graphs in a spreadsheet

7.Acquisition and edit photos

8.Acquisition and edit video

9.Creation of e-learning course on given topic

10.Creation of e-learning course on given topic

11.Creation of e-learning course on given topic

12.Presentation made courses, discussion

13.Presentation made courses, discussion, questionnaire, accreditation

Study Objective:

The objective is to acquire the relevant knowledge and skills in the field of e-learning, to learn the architecture and design of e-learning courses, their functional possibilities and various techniques and specifics of e-learning suitable for the field of medicine.

Study materials:

[1] Theory and Practice of Online Learning. Terry Anderson & Fathi Elloumi. 1st edition. [s.l.] : Athabasca University, 2004. 454 s. Dostupný z WWW: <http://cde.athabascau.ca/online_book/pdf/TPOL_book.pdf>. ISBN 0-919737-59-5.

[2] CARLINER, Saul, SHANK, Patti. The E-Learning Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Online Learning . 1st edition. San Francisco : Pfeiffer, 2008. 535 s. ISBN 978-0-7879-7831-0.

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