Engineering Surveying

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154INGE Z,ZK 5 2P+2C Czech
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Department of Special Geodesy

History, Terminology and Symbols in Engineering Surveying. Planning for measurement accuracy. Measuring and setting out lengths, angles and verticals and evaluating their accuracy. Positional, height and spatial marking networks, positional and height marking. Solving and setting out arcs. Measurement and evaluation of displacements and deformations of buildings. Application of geodesy in construction.


Successful completion of the exam in Teorie chyb a vyrovnávací počet 1.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction to Engineering Surveying, legislative provision, terminology (basic terms, parameters and quantities, accuracy characteristics ).

2. Planning measurement accuracy in engineering geodesy - accuracy analysis.

3. Planning the accuracy of measurements in engineering geodesy - accuracy analyzes.

4. Measuring and setting out lengths (direct and indirect measurement, methods, corrections, accuracy, parallax).

5. Measurement and setting out of horizontal and zenith angles (methods, correction, accuracy - influences without derivation). Measurement and marking of vertical lines (methods).

6. Positional set out networks (surface and line networks, methods, accuracy - without derivation). Positional marking (methods, accuracy, simple geometric elements).

7. Height set out networks and height set out (line, plane, chimney, etc.), spatial set out networks.

Marking out arcs - analytical solution of the route (main elements and main points of the circular arc, detailed marking, basic tasks).

8. Coordinate solutions of circular arcs (selected), compound arcs (basic problems).

Transition (clothoid, cubic parabola), circular arcs with transition (principle, derivation of main elements from the image). Altitude arcs (parabola of the 2nd degree).

9. Measurement of displacements and deformations (basic terms, causes, purpose and goal, project, etc.), methods of measuring vertical displacements, horizontal displacements, or spatial shifts.

10. Geodesy in land, transport and water management construction, in industry and energy - basic information on how it works in practice (documents, project of geodetic works, coordination and layout drawings, documentation of the actual execution of constructions, passportization of linear constructions, rectification of technological equipment, etc.) .

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Introduction, principles of accurate measurement

2. Basics of adjustment and calibration of devices and accessories

3. Accuracy analysis - basics

4. Assignment and explanation for the 1st task: Parallactic setting out of length

5. Control of preparations for the 1st task, consultation

6. Measurement of the 1st task: Parallactic setting out of length

7. Submission of the 1st task, test No. 1

8. Assignment and explanation for the 2nd task: Polar setting out a point

9. Measurement of the 2nd task: Polar setting out a point

10. Submission of the 2nd task, test No. 2

11. Evaluation of work, tasks, conclusion

Study Objective:

Introduction to the field of engineering geodesy. Understanding and applying the concepts of measurement accuracy and setting out. Orientation in measuring activities on construction sites. Use of modern technologies and special measuring procedures.

Study materials:

! Novák, Z. - Procházka, J.: Inženýrská geodézie 10, ČVUT Praha 1998.

? Michalčák, O. - Vosika, O. - Veselý, M. - Novák, Z.: Inžinierska geodézia II, Alfa Bratislava 1990.

? Schofield, W. - Breach, M.: Engineering Surveying. 6-th ed., Butterworth-Heinemann (Elsevier), Oxford, 2007. ISBN 978-0-7506-6949-8.

? Bajer, M. - Procházka, J.: Inženýrská geodézie 10,20 - Návody ke cvičením, ČVUT Praha 1997.

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