Urban structure of cities

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Department of Urban Design, Town and Regional Planning

The main goal of this course is explaining the students steric and functional structures of cities and their meaning in settlement structure. It includes the relation between city and landscape, general view of the city, urbanism values and conception.


No prerequisities must be entered.

Syllabus of lectures:

Introduction, concept of the subject, content, focus and goals of individual lectures, content and topic of the seminar paper. Basic terms in urbanism and regional planning, characteristics of the field, relationship between settlements and landscape, basic types of settlements.

Size category of settlements, characteristics of spatial structure, functional composition, social and economic aspects, role in the settlement system.

Development of the spatial and functional structure of the city.

Spatial division and forms of spatial arrangement of settlements, the influence of natural conditions on their spatial structure and functional composition, the overall picture of the city.

Basic functions of the city, functional components and systems, relationships between individual functions and the relationship between function and space.

Cities with a predominant function. Urbanistic values of settlements, possibilities of their protection and creation, the role of spatial planning.

Presentation of seminar papers, discussions, registration of credits.

Syllabus of tutorials:

Choosing a suitable seat - scheme of wider relations

Analysis of the historical development of the village

Analysis of the spatial division of the city - centers, local centers, inner city, periphery, suburban landscape

Analysis of the urban structure of the development

Analysis of the transport concept and the green concept

External and internal image of the city

Analysis of the functional division of the headquarters - ÚPD

Evaluation of the development potential of the seat

Study Objective:

Understanding and the ability for being of use in urban and architectural design.

Study materials:

KUČA, K., Města a městečka v Čechách, na Moravě a ve Slezsku. Praha : Libri.

HRŮZA, J., Urbanismus světových velkoměst I, II, Praha : ČVUT, 2003, 2007.

Marhold, K.: Urbanistická typologie II., Praha : ČVUT, 1991.

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