Statistical Pattern Recognition and Decision Making Methods

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Department of Software Engineering

Collection of recognition and classification methods with accent to mathematical and statistical principles of their design

and functionality.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Introduction - what is pattern recognition and decision making

2.Statistical (feature-based) and structural (syntactic) pattern recognition

3.Introduction to statistical pattern recognition - supervised and non-supervised classifiers

4.Simple metric classifiers - NN classifier, k-NN classifier, linear classifier

5.Bayesian classifier - the basic principle, parametric and non-parametric B.c., B.c. for normally distributed classes, parameter estimation, necessary conditions of linearity, special cases in two dimensions

6.Non-metric classifiers, decision trees

7.Non-supervised classifiers - cluster analysis in the feature space, iterative and hierarchical methods, criteria of cluster separability

8.k-means iterative algorithm and its modifications

9.Agglomerative hierarchical clustering, inter-cluster metrics, stop conditions, estimating the number of clusters

10.Dimensionality reduction of the feature space, feature extraction and selection, class separability criteria, Mahalanobis distance

11.Principal component transform

12.Optimal and sub-optimal feature selection methods, sequential and floating search

13.Decision making as a discrete optimization problem

14.Basic methods for unconstrained and constrained discrete optimization

Syllabus of tutorials:
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Key references:

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[2] Matloff, N. Statistical Regression and Classification: From Linear Models to Machine Learning. Boca Raton: CRC

press, 2017.

Recommended references:

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[7] Proceedings of the International Workshop on Multiple Classifier Systems (MCS).

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