Plasma Theory 1

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Department of Physics

The first part of the lecture will be devoted to the individual particles motion in Lagrange and Hamilton formalism for both relativistic and non-relativistic behavior. The particle drifts will be solved in the frame of adiabatic approach. The second part of the lecture will be devoted to magnetohydrodynamics, especially such phenomena as helicity and helical structures, magnetic field-lines reconnection, MHD dynamo and others.


Knowledge of basic course of physics

02TEF1,2 Theoretical physics 1,2

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Charged particles motion, Lagrange function for the charged particle in electric and magnetic fields;

2. Relativistic motion, relativistic Lagrange and Hamilton functions, electric field acceleration;

3. Examples. Gyration, cyclotron frequency and Larmor radius, particle motion through the interface od two media;

4. Adiabatic approach, gyration center equation, basic drift motion;

5. Motion in magnetic dipole field, magnetic mirror, motion in tokamak vessel;

6. Adiabatic invariants, first invariant and charged particle magnetic moment, second and third invariants, Fermi mechanism;

7. Magnetohydrodynamics and its variants, one-fluid and multi-fluid models, minimal MHD variant;

8. Frozen fields, magnetic field diffusion, Reynolds magnetic number;

9. Simple MHD tasks: Hartmann solution, finite amplitude waves, Alfven velocity;

10. Helicity, helicity conservation law, Beltrami field, helical structures in plasmas;

11. Force-free configuration, helical pinch, reverse pinch, Bennett equilibrium;

12. Magnetic field reconnection, Sweet-Parker model, Petschek model, 2D and 3D reconnection;

13. MHD dynamo, alpha effect, omega effect, transformation of fluctuations into macroscopic magnetic field;

14. Shock waves, double-layer, shock wave Rankin-Hugoniot conditions;

Syllabus of tutorials:

corresponds with the outline of the lecture

Study Objective:


Study materials:

Key references:

[1] Richard E. Fitzpatrick, Mitchel Goldman: Plasma Physics, An introduction; Taylor & Francis Inc 2014,

ISBN: 9781466594265

Recommended references:

[2] D.R.Nicholson:IntroductiontoPlasmaTheory,JohnWileyandSonsInc,1992

[3] T. J. M. Boyd, J. J. Sanderson: The Physics of Plasmas, Cambridge University Press, 2003

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