CAD Systems: AutoCad 1

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124XCA1 Z 1 2C Czech
Garant předmětu:
Hana Kopřivová
Hana Kopřivová, Kateřina Sojková
Department of Architectural Engineering

The course introduces the student to the automation of project work. It acquaints him with CAD systems in the construction industry in general. Specifically, it is a practical mastery of AUTOCAD in 2D. Drawing of the ground plan of the object, its dimensioning. Using blocks and libraries. Print at different scales and paper sizes. Output in DWF format. Drawing views and sections, details. Tables, their conversion to Excel, editing and insertion back into AutoCAD.


Basic computer work.

Syllabus of lectures:

without lectures.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.CAD systems in construction. Hardware, software. Get the student version of AutoCAD. Introduction to working with AutoCAD. Retrieve and save a file, view finished files. Examples of sample works. zoom .

2.Bathroom floor plan. Drawing limits, units, coordinate system, step, grid. Drawing commands. Editing also using nodes.

3.Finishing the bathroom, furnishings. Additional commands for drawing and editing. Object snaps, polar tracking, object snap tracing. Relative coordinate system.

4.Layers, colors, linetypes, line thickness, hatching.

5.Dimensioning, dimensioning of windows and doors. written

6.Blocks, attributes, creation and use of libraries. Polestar.

7.Placing cut-outs on paper, paper space. Different paper sizes, different drawing scales on a single paper, dimensions at the same size for different scales. Text, room descriptions.

8.Table of rooms, stamp. Template - in it dimension styles, blocks, applied layers, used hatches and types of lines, north arrow, stamp, table of rooms.

9.Preparation for printing. Format drawings, roles. Plotters. DWF format. DWF viewers, publishing to the Web. PLT files, PDFs.

10.Elevation dimensions, links, Superhatch - graphic hatching, insert file DWF, PDF, JPG , cropping, inserting map, north arrow.

11.Semestral work: -Floor plan of the house or apartment. Minimum 3 rooms. -Dimensions, window and door dimensions. hatching In special levels. -Drawing No.1 : scale 1:50, stamp. -Drawing No. 2 : scale 1:100 and detail, e.g. 1:20. Table of rooms, sum of areas. Dimensions of the same height in both viewports of different scales. stamp -Choose the paper size as needed so that the entire floor plan is on paper. -For crediting DWG file, multi-sheet DWF and PDF files from both layouts (drawing no. 1 and drawing No. 2), both monochrome.

12.Completion of seminar papers.

13.Submission of seminar papers in electronic form - on USB or by e-mail. Registration of credit.

Study Objective:

Student can master AutoCAD software in 2D, learns to use it in his field

Study materials:

[1] AutoCAD Help

[2] Finkelstein Ellen: AutoCAD Championship Complete guide for versions 2009 and 2010, Computer Press Brno 2010

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