Plannig of Rural Development

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127XPVO Z 1 1P+1C Czech
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Department of Urban Design, Town and Regional Planning

The course introduces the issues of rural urbanism, in particular it wants to raise questions and seek answers, to learn to look at settlements with new eyes. For Z students, the explanations cover the content of part of the state exam questions in urban planning.


This elective is recommended for all majors and has no prerequisites. It is completed with credit awarded for attendance (70%), completion and delivery of a presentation, and sufficient classroom activity.

Syllabus of lectures:

1) Introduction to the subject, credit conditions, definition of countryside (statistical, administrative, historical)

2) Main types of rural layouts - historical core (old maps)

3) The main types of layout of the historical plain

4) Collectivisation of agriculture and its consequences for the agricultural landscape

5) New villages (Nový Bítov, Rovná) + examples of bad examples (photo)

6) Historical urban values of settlements, their monument protection

7) Specifics of public spaces in the village - road surfaces, furniture, greenery, water features in the village

8) Rural development and nature and landscape protection

9) Presentation of the features of a country house according to Prof. Škabrady - good and bad examples

10) Pitfalls and challenges of village planning - examples of specific village planning plans with discussion on various problems and issues that played a role in their development

11) - 12) reserve on specific topical issues

Syllabus of tutorials:

1) Basic typical (characteristic, distinguishing) features of the city / countryside - discussion

2) Definition of the historical core and search for preserved structures based on analysis of old maps

3) EIA/SEA - interactive game

4) Presentation of the collectivisation reader

5) Contemporary creation in the countryside - specifics of preserving the genius loci of the countryside - examples of buildings/approaches + discussion

6) Student presentations

7) Revitalization of the village square in Květnice - demonstration of the design of the public space in the village + discussion on the specifics

8) Presentation of the NPS urban manual - some selected principles from the urban manual on new construction

9) Regulation in the village - what could be regulated and how (what is allowed by the ZP, RP, ZP with RP elements in terms of architecture, parcelization, fencing, etc.) - examples - photos, discussion

10) see lecture

11) - 12) reserve for specific topical issues

Study Objective:

The student will understand the historical and social context of the development of rural settlements and landscapes, gain a more sensitive approach to the design of buildings and the creation of urban studies related to rural space.

Study materials:

Study materials are available on Moodle.

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