Groundwater Hydraulics

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143HPVO Z,ZK 5 2P+2C Czech
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Martin Šanda
Martin Šanda
Martina Sobotková, Martin Šanda
Department of Landscape Water Conservation

The course deals with the problem of groundwater flow in saturated rock environments. The introduction of the course is devoted to the theoretical background and mathematical description of groundwater flow. The next part is devoted to simplified solutions of basic problems - flow through phreatic and confined aquifers, seepage through an earth block, flow in the vicinity of wells. At the end of the semester, students will get acquainted with the method of numerical modelling of groundwater flow, using specialized software to solve an individual problem.


Participation in exercises, processing of assigned problems

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Introduction to groundwater hydraulics, basic world overview, application of tasks

2.Importance of groundwater, types of subsurface water, classification of aquifers

3.Darcy's law, parameters of saturated porous media, homogeneity, isotropy

4.Mathematical description of 3D groundwater flow - continuity equation

5.Dupuit's postulates - planar flow, equation of continuous planar flow

6.Dam seepage, Pavlovsky's method

7.Girinsky potential, continuity equation for rotationally symmetric flow

8.Flow in the vicinity of a well in a reservoir with a stressed surface and overflow

9.Non-stationary sheet flow - Boussinesque equation

10.Non-stationary rotationally symmetric flow, pumping tests

11.Numerical modelling of groundwater flow, the basis of the MODFLOW model

12.Introduction to groundwater flow simulation software

13.Overall summary of the lecture topics

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Porous medium parameters – porosity, number of porosity, saturated hydraulic conductivity

2. Confined aquifer groundwater flow

3. Hydraulic approach, vertical wall dam seepage, Dupuit assumptions

4.Trapezoidal dam seepage

5. Flow through soil block with vertical infiltration

6. Girinsky potential – planar flow in aquifer, well solution

7. Well network groundwater flow, flow near to the boundary

8. Introduction to the numerical modelling – software presentation

9. Testing task – group solution

10. Individual task of groundwater flow and conservative transport introduction

11. Individual task of groundwater flow and conservative transport solution

12. Individual task of groundwater flow and conservative transport solution

Study Objective:

Understanding and application of knowledges to solve problems of groundwater flow.

Study materials:

Valentová, J.2018: Hydraulika podzemní vody, 4. přepracované vydání, Praha: ČVUT

Bear, J. 2012: Hydraulics of Groundwater (PDF), Dover Publications, ISBN 9780486136165

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