Application of Monte Carlo Method in Dosimetry

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Department of Dosimetry and Application of Ionizing Radiation

Course is focused on the theoretical and practical mastering of more advanced areas of using modeling methods (Monte Carlo method) focusing on simulation of radiation transport through matter and practical application of corresponding SW in the fields of dosimetry, application of ionizing radiation and radiological physics, ionizing radiation detection, spectrometry, shielding and radiation protection.


Other requirements:

Prerequisites are knowledge of radiation physics and interaction of radiation, dosimetry, basic knowledge of modeling of radiation transport (basic knowledge of MCNP code is advantage) and basics of programming. Own work/project in the field of Monte Carlo modeling of radiation transport is preferred in the part of practical training.

Syllabus of lectures:

Basic themes:

1. Advanced tools and methods of radiation transport modeling

2. Repeated structures, scoring methods, rentgenographic and mesh tally

3. the use of variance reduction methods

4. Specifics of transport simulation of different types of particles

5. issues of accuracy, reliability and interpretation of results

6. demonstrations and practical exercises (continuously, teaching is done in a computer lab)

Syllabus of tutorials:

According to individual needs, focusing on the problems solved in the dissertation

Study Objective:

Learning objectives:

Theoretical and practical mastering advanced mathematical and stochastic methods (Monte Carlo) and modern SW focusing on simulation of radiation transport and data processing and analysis focusing on dosimetry applications of ionizing radiation and radiological physics, ionizing radiation detection, spectrometry, shielding and radiation protection.

Study materials:


1. Malvin H. Kalos, Paula A. Whitlock: Monte Carlo Methods, ISBN-13: 978-3527407606, Wiley-VCH (2 edition), 2008.

2. Kling, A., Barao, F., J., C., Nakagawa, M., Tavora, L., Vaz, P .: Advanced Monte Carlo for Radiation Physics, Particle Transport Simulation and Applications, ISBN: 978 3540417958 , Springer, 2001.

3. Troy L. Becker: Hybrid Monte Carlo / deterministic methods for radiation shielding problems, ISBN-13: 978-1243702869, ProQuest, 2011.

4. Dupree, S.A., Fraley, S.K .: A Monte Carlo Primer: A Practical Approach to Radiation Transport, ISBN-10: 0306467488, ISBN-13: 978-0306467486, Springer, 2002.


1. Lux, I. - Koblinger, L .: Monte Carlo Particle transport Methods: Neutron and Photon Calculations, ISBN 0-8493-6074-9, CRC Press, 1991.

2. MCNPX User's Manual, Version 2.5.0, Documentation for CCC-715 / MCNPX 2.4.0 Code Package, LA-CP-05-0369, RSICC, Oak Ridge, April 2005

3. Burn, K. W .: Variance Reduction Techniques and Tallying Procedures in MCNP

(items 2 and 3 available in electronic form)

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