Nuclear and Radiation Physics 1

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Department of Dosimetry and Application of Ionizing Radiation

Concise review of opinions about the atom and the nucleus, physical

quantities in the micro- and macroscopic world, relativistic and quantum

particle properties, cross section, basic characteristics of the atomic

nucleus, measurement of nuclear mass, binding energy of the nucleus, nuclear

radius, nuclear moments, basic models of nuclei. Basic particles of ionizing

radiation, interaction of various radiation types with a matter, penetration

of particle beams through material, radiation effects in matter.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Concise review of historic development of nuclear and radiation physics

2.The most important problems and trends in contemporary nuclear and

sub-nuclear physics

3.Physical quantities in macro- and microcosmos

4.Relativistic and quantum physics

5.Measurements in microcosmos, cross sections

6.Basics characteristics of atomic nuclei

7.Methods of determination of atomic and nuclear masses, mass of a the


8.Binding energy of nuclei and their stability, nucleon binding energy

9.Binding energy of parts of a nucleus to this nucleus, nucleon stability

10.Methods for determining dimensions of nuclei

11.Nuclear moments

12.Further quantum characteristics of nuclei (statistics, parity, isotopic


13.Nuclear models - general characteristics

14.Liquid drop model of a nucleus

15.Nuclear shell model

16.Unified nuclear model

17.Basic properties of the most important particles in radiation physics

18.General characteristics of interaction of ionising radiation with a


19.Interaction of heavy charged particles with a matter, linear stopping

power, range

20.Energy loses of electrons transmitting through a matter

21.Cerenkov radiation

22.Processes if interaction of X- and gamma-rays with a matter

23.Transmission of photon beams through a matter, build-up factor

24.Attenuation, energy transfer and energy absorption coefficient

25.Processes of neutron interactions in a matter

26.Quantities describing behaviour of neutrons in a matter

27.Energy states of electrons in a matter

28.Effects caused in a matter by ionising radiation - ionisation and

excitation, heat production

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:
Study materials:

L. Musílek: Úvod do fyziky ionizujícího záření, Praha, SNTL 1979

K.N. Muchin: Eksperimental'naja jaděrnaja fizika I. Moskva, Eněrgoatomizdat


S. Usačev a kol.: Experimentálna jadrová fyzika. Bratislava, Alfa 1982

J.S. Lilley: Nuclear Physics - Principles and Applications. Chichester,

Wiley 2001

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