Experimental Analysis of Structures I

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Department of Mechanics

The course is intended for students who did not have the opportunity to study basic goals, tasks and elementary means of an experimental analysis during the course of the bachelor’s and master’s degree study. Within the course, students will familiarize with basic procedures and principles of the experimental analysis of building and civil engineering structures. The interpretation of the problems will include the overview of testing methods used to determine basic material properties, the description of experiments focused on observation of climate loads, the examples of verification and identification of theoretical models based on experimental results, the experiments realized on physical models for estimation of wind effects in wind tunnels and for investigation of earthquake effect on shake tables, the long term monitoring of building and civil engineering structures. The interpretation will further include the principles of preparation, realization and evaluation of static load tests realized on structural elements or whole structures, the basic methods used for an analysis of measured data obtained during dynamic tests, the principles of preparation, realization and evaluation of dynamic tests including an experimental modal analysis and a dynamic load test, the principles of experiments focused on evaluation and assessment of vibration effects on building structures from the view of the load capacity limit state and on users of building structures from the view of the serviceability limit state, the demonstration of several practical tasks.


Before taking the examination following this course, it is required to have passed the course.

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Foreign language for civil engineering purposes with a special focus on the respective branch of study.

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Compulsory literature: It is not prescribed.

Recommended literature:

-Maia at al.: Theoretical and Experimental Modal Analysis; Research Studies Press Ltd., John Wiley & Sons Inc., Exeter, 1997.

-Relevant publications in professional journals indexed in Web of Science or Scopus.

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