Radiation Protection

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16RAO ZK 4 4+0
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Department of Dosimetry and Application of Ionizing Radiation

The aim of the subject is to provide a self-contained overview of the radiation protection with a special focus on general principles. The subject is based on the actual ICRP recommendation no. 103 and other documents, which specifies radiation protection in the Czech Republic and EU. The course is accepted as training, which allows obtaining special competence in radiation protection. Participants will receive an appropriate certificate of attendance when fulfil all requirements defined in the permit of SONS.


Request knowledge (subjects): (16ZDOZ1, 16ZDOZ2)

Request (recommended) knowledge (subjects):

Sources of ionizing radiation, interaction of the radiation with the matter (16JRF1, 16JRF2)

Detection precipices for ionizing radiation (16DETE)

Syllabus of lectures:

1) Biology in radiation protection

2) Biological effects of ionizing radiation

3) Units, quantities, basic terms in RP

4) Dosimetry of external irradiation I.

5) Dosimetry of external irradiation II.

6) Internal dosimetry I.

7) Internal dosimetry II.

8) Radon and dispersion models

9) Shielding of ionizing radiation

10) Radiation protection in medicine

11) Epidemiology for radiation protection

12) System of radiation protection I.

13) System of radiation protection II.

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:


The effectiveness of ionizing radiation on living cells and the human body. Orientation in terms and units used in radiation protection. Dose assessment of internal and external exposure


Evaluation of simple exposure cases. Basic shielding design

Study materials:

Required references:

[1] Kolektiv autorů: Principy a praxe radiační ochrany, SÚJB Praha 2000

[2] International Commission on Radiological Protection no. 103

[3] Atomic Act, ACT. No. 263/2016 of Coll.

[4] Radiation Protection Decree No. 422/2016 Coll.

[5] Council Directive 2013/59/Euratom

Recommended references:

[6] International Commission on Radiological Protection no. 100

[7] International Commission on Radiological Protection no. 89

[8] International Commission on Radiological Protection no. 66

[9] International Commission on Radiological Protection no. 60

[10] International Commission on Radiological Protection no. 30

[11] Generic Models for Use in Assessing the Impact of Discharges of Radioactive Substances to the Environment, SRS 19

[12] Legislation see https://www.sujb.cz/legislativa/

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