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E133025 Z 4 0P+4C English
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Department of Designing and Machine Components

Design, design calculations and their aplications in case of geared transmissions, axles and shafts, sliding and rolling bearings, shaft couplings and clutches.



- regular attendabce in tutorials, continuous active work in tutorials,

- elaboration and delivery of assigned design works according to operating plan of tutorials and given demands.

Syllabus of lectures:
Syllabus of tutorials:

Mechanical drives, their various components. Preliminary design calculations, design arrangement, check calculations, drawings.

1. Single-stage gearbox provided with cylindrical helical gears and additional belt drive.

2. Single-stage gearbox provided with bevel mating gears and additional chain drive.

3. Worm gearbox.

4. Inelastic or elastic shaft coupling added to the task 1 or 2.

5. Crank mechanism used for single-cylinder piston engine (working machine).

Study Objective:

Extension of theoretical and practical knowledge and acquisition of basic skills at design of next machine parts and mechanisms following up the course Machine Elements and Mechanisms I and with use of knowledge from courses Mechanics, Strength and Elasticity and Engineering Design.

Clarification of basic calculating theories and models, procedures of calculations and design principles of machine elements and assembly units in zone of mechanical drives above all.

Tutorials are focused on practical realization of knowledge at solution of complex design tasks aimed at driving systems, including elaboration of preliminary design, looking for optimum variants of solution, check calculations and drawings. Comparison between design calculations elaborated with and without use of computer SW.Assessment

Study materials:

Švec, V.: Části a mechanismy strojů. Spoje a spojovací součásti. Praha: Vydavatelství ČVUT, 2002, 2008

Švec, V.: Části a mechanismy strojů. Mechanické převody. Praha: Vydavatelství ČVUT, 2003

Jančík, L.; Zýma, J.: Části a mechanismy strojů. Praha: Vydavatelství ČVUT, 2004

Bolek, A.; Kochman, J.: Technický průvodce 6, Části strojů, 1. svazek. Praha: SNTL, 1989

Bolek, A.; Kochman, J.: Technický průvodce 6. Části strojů, 2. svazek. Praha: SNTL, 1990

Moravec, V.: Konstrukce strojů a zařízení II. Čelní ozubená kola. Ostrava: Montanex a.s., 2001

Neckářová, J.; Doskočil, L.: Potrubí a armatury. Praha: Vydavatelství ČVUT, 1978

Kugl, O. a kol.: Projekt - III. ročník. Praha: Vydavatelství ČVUT, 2005

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