Design and Construction of Medical Devices/Practical Exercises

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Enrollement in the course requires an successful completion of the following courses:
Electrical Measurements (17PBBEM)
Electronic Elements and Sensors in Medicine (17PBBESL)
Theory of Electrical Engineering (17PBBTEL)
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Department of Biomedical Technology

Following situations will be addressed: properties and possibilities of instrumentation amplifier utilizitation, different ways to suppress common signal, different ways to perform galvanic separation, design and development of the ECG and EEG preamplifiers, connections of specialized sensors and transducers. Course is devoted especially to students who will have use medical electronic equipment in practice.

Syllabus of lectures:
Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Basics of soldering, using of connectors, conductors and cables, safety rules

2.Circuits with operational amplifiers, CMMR measurement, instrumentation amplifier

3.Common mode signal rejection

4.Galvanic isolation and separation

5.Noise filtration

6.ECG amplifier

7.pH electrode amplifier

8.Instrumentation amplifiers for strain gauge bridge

9.Cooling techniques for electronic equipment

10.Mechanical construction

Study Objective:

To develop a more detailed view of the design and development of medical devices applied to practical situations, which include: instrumentation amplifier utilization, common mode signal suppression, galvanic isolation and connection of the specialized sensors and transducers.

Study materials:

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