Economic Statistics

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Institute of Pedagogical and Psychological Studies

The subject of ?Economic Statistics? is oriented on measurement of economic events at microeconomic and macroeconomic level. This course will provide students with a solid foundation of descriptive statistics, regression and correlation analysis, indexes analysis, time series analysis and measurement of the seasonality.


Requirements for term work:

1.Work with sample (ca 120 data) and calculation of descriptive statistics) measures of central tendency and measures of variance.

2.Example for regression and correlation analysis.

3.Example for multiple regression and correlation analysis.

4.Indexes analysis.

5.Time series.

6.Regression and correlation analysis in time series.

Part of the classified assessment is the examination from the subject taught in courses.

Syllabus of lectures:


1.Statistical population and descriptive statistics (measures of central tendency).

2.Statistical population and descriptive statistics (measures of variation).

3.Regression and correlation analysis (linear).

4.Regression and correlation analysis (nonlinear).

5.Multiple regression and correlation analysis (three dimensional).

6.Indexes analysis (value index number, price index, quantity index).

7.Indexes analysis (variable structure index, fixed structure index, index of quantity).

8.Time series (research of secular trend, fitting with moving totals, moving averages, centred moving averages).

9.Time series (secular trend research, fitting by analytic functions as linear, exponential, parabolic curve).

10.Seasonal indexes for seasonality measure.

11.Regression and correlation analysis in time series (auto-correlation, multicolinearity).

12.Regression and correlation analysis in time series (time series with lag).

13.Statistical estimate and tests for regression parameters and correlation parameters.

Syllabus of tutorials:

Training course curriculum:

1.Statistical population and descriptive statistics.

2.Regression and correlation analysis.

3.Multiple regression and correlation analysis.

4.Indexes analysis.

5.Time series.

6.Regression and correlation analysis in time series.

Study Objective:

Understand how to use statistical methods in ?Economic Statistics?.

Study materials:

Kožíšek, J.: Statistika, VČVUT v Praze, 2006

Kožíšek, J.: Ekonomická statistika a ekonometrie, VČVUT v Praze, 2005

Kožíšek, J., Stieberová, B.: Statistika v příkladech, Verlag Dashöfer, Praha 2012

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