Theory of elasticity

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Department of Mechanics, Biomechanics and Mechatronics

The objective of this course is an introduction to the theory and applications of linear elasticity.It also provides the foundation for pursuing other solid mechanics courses such as theory of plasticity, fracture mechanics, composite structures, theory of plates and shells or continuum mechanics. This course introduces the basic definitions of stress and strain tensors used in the linear theory of elasticity, determines the principal stress and strain, derives equilibrium equations, compatibility conditions for strain tensor, postulates the constitutive relations for linear elastic material (generalized Hooke's law).The governing differential equations of elasticity are derived including the Navier's equation expressed in terms of the displacement vector and the Beltrami-Michell's equation expressed in terms of the stress tensor. Next, two-dimensional problems in cartesian and cylindrical coordinate systems is considered andthe Airy stress function is introduced for the solution of these problems. A few useful application are studied such as bending of a beam using the Airy stress function in the form of a polynomial, the stress distibution in a plate with small circular hole submitted to a uniform tension, the stress distibution for a concentrated vertical force action on a horizontal straight boundary, the stress distibution in a wedge due to a concentrated force at its apex. Finally, a brief introduction to the energy principles in solid mechanics is presented including the principles of virtual displacements and virtual forces.

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