Drives of Production Machines - Servomechanisms I

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2351121 Z,ZK 4 3P+1L Czech
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Department of Production Machines and Equipment

Mathematical apparatus for signal processing in drives of NC machines and robots, sampling, Fourier and Laplace transforms, Laplace images of typical functions and transfer functions of drive components. Sensors of quantities in drives, auxiliary el. circuits, filters. Vibration suppression in NC machines. Pulse excitation.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Mathematical apparatus 1: basic concepts of signal theory, frequency spectra, sampling, FFT, time and frequency windows

2.Mathematical apparatus 2: application of Fourier and Laplace transform in drives, images of start-up functions

3.Equations of motion of drive components, transition to transfer function, geometric places of roots (electric motor, hydraulic motor, servovalve)

4.Linear and rotary position sensors 1: physical principles, assembly principles

5.Linear and rotary position sensors 2: special types, use for other functions, errors

6.Interpolation and electronics for signal processing from sin-cos sensors

7.Auxiliary circuits (AD and DA converters, amplifiers, voltage-current converters)

8.Filter characteristics (low pass, band pass, band hold)

9.Model of dynamics of mechanical structure of drive. Modal properties of drive mechanics

10.Causes and frequency ranges of vibrations in NC machine components (sensors, motors, gears)

11.Methods of start-up of drives, speed, acceleration, jerk limitation

12.Response of a dynamic system to a final impulse (examples: RC, RLC circuits, mass-spring-damper system, electric motor)

13.Suppression of residual oscillations by adjusting the frequency spectrum of the excitation pulse (basic case: undamped mass-spring system)

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Frequency response of electric dynamic system

2. Use of transistors for pulse width modulation

3. Forward control of electric motors by means of controlled rectifiers

4. Properties of filters

5. Signal processing

6. Properties and control of stepper motors

Study Objective:
Study materials:

Souček,P.: Servomechanismy ve výrobních strojích, monografie, vydavatelství ČVUT 2004, ISBN 80-01-02902-6 (in Czech)

Souček,P.: Elektrohydraulické servomechanismy, skriptum ČVUT 1992 (in Czech)

Souček,P.: Pohony výrobních zařízení (servomechanismy), skriptum ČVUT 1997 (in Czech)

Souček,P., Bubák,A.: Vybrané statě z kmitání v pohonech výrobních strojů, skriptum ČVUT 2008,ISBN 978-80-01-04048-5 (in Czech)

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