Airplane Structures and Design I.

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Department of Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace history, the founders of aerospace industry, beginnings of aerospace traffic.

Aircraft classification, basic definition and classification criteria.

Supporting scientific fields, drawing philosophies, safety, qualification and reliability, regulations of flight qualifications. Masses and CGs, mass categorization, mass envelope, load - range diagram, mass analysis. Basic stages of aircraft development, systemizatin of development procedures, creation and transfer of shape information, reference systems, outlining. Airframe assembly, alignment, assembly preparations, measuring and tracking, automation of assembly works. Construction - technological requirements, standard and conventional, technology of construction.


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Aircraft Design

Aircraft Propulsion

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Obtain basic overview of historical data in development of aircraft technology and its categorisation. Learn drawing philosophies and the role fo aerospace regulations forming them, get aquainted with procedure for stating aerospace construction load and the influence of mass distribution on it, especially with the basic stages of development in designing and developing aircrafts. Understand ways to construct an airframe and understand the construction technologicyl requirements to secure the necessary technology of the construction.

Study materials:

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Stinton D.: The Design of the Aeroplane, Blackwell Science Inc 1985, ISBN 0632018771

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