Physical Foundations of Advanced Technologies

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Department of Physics

Vacuum technology : theoretical foundations, vacuum pumps, gauges for low pressure measurements, applications in engineering. Gas discharges, physical and plasmochemical methods of surface modification and coatings deposition. Lasers: laser fundamentals, laser categories, laser technology application in mechanical engineering. Piezoelectricity : fundamentals, application in technology, ultrasound generation, piezoelectric pumps, nanofeeds.


Understanding physics at the level of the courses Physics I and Physics II, basic knowledge of computer skill.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction, overview of physics based technologies in engineering.

2. Phenomena in systems at low pressure.

3. Methods of vacuum generation in engineering.

4. Methods of pressure and other parameters measurements in engineering.

5. Gas discharges, plasma characteristics, measurements of plasma parameters.

6. Fundamentals of processes for plasma surface modifications.

7. Physical and plasmochemical methods of coatings deposition.

8. Laser fundamentals, stimulated emission,

9. Characteristics of laser radiation, types of lasers, basic parts of lasers.

10. Fundamentals of laser cutting, welding and marking.

11. Fundamentals of special laser technologies.

12. Fundamentals of piezoelectricity, ultrasound generation.

13. Application of piezoelectricity in technology, piezoelectric pumps and nanofeeds.

Syllabus of tutorials:

Basics of vacuum systems handling, physical methods of coatings deposition, measurements of coatings mechanical parameters. Fundamentals of work with lasers, light beams modification, applications of piezoelectric phenomena.

Study Objective:

To provide students with basic information about physical principles of phenomena and appliances presently applied in advanced technologies enforcing application in mechanical engineering.

Study materials:

Hablanian, M.A., High-Vacuum Technology, Marcel Dekker Inc., 1995

Weston, G.F., Ultrahigh Vacuum Practice, Butterworths, 1985

Mattox D.M., Handbook of physical vapor deposition (PVD) processing, Noyes Publications, New Yersey, 1998

Pouch, J.J., Alterovitz, S.A. (ed.), Plasma Properties, Deposition and Etching, Trans Tech Publications, 1993

Orazio Svelto, Principles of Lasers, Springer, 2009

Lan Xinju, Laser Technology, CRC Press, 2010

Piezoelectric Ceramics: Principles and Applications APC International Ltd. (Author), 2002

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