Theory of Casting

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Department of Manufacturing Technology

Properties of liquid alloys. Crystallization of foundry alloys. Volume changes during cooling and solidification, and their consequences. Principles of Feeding. Controlled solidification. Interaction the metal with the mold. Defects resulting from shrinkage. Cast iron with lamellar graphite. Cast iron with spheroidal graphite. Malleable cast iron. Cast iron with vermicular graphite. Iron for special use. Metallurgy of steel. Metallurgy of aluminum alloys, magnesium and titanium. Alloys of copper.


Successful completion of the course Fundamentals of Technology 1 and Technology 1. Homeworks.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Foundry production in the Czech Republic and worldwide

a) Developments in the foundry industry

Foundries and market economy - the quality of castings, compared with forming technology

b) Production according to market needs, meet customer needs

c) Systematic approach to quality management, ISO 9000

2. Properties of casting alloys

a) Fusibility, fluidity and running capacity

b) Solubility of gases, inclusions

c) Segregation defects

d) Evaporation of metals

e) Interaction between mold and melt

3.Crystallization of casting alloys

a) Homogeneous and heterogeneous nucleation, constitutional supercooling

b) Crystallization of Fe and Al alloys

4. Solidification process

a) Transverse temperature gradient

b) Longitudinal temperature gradient

5. Volume changes during solidification and cooling

a) Solidification contraction, hot spots, shrinkage cavities

b) Feeding - types of risers, riser dimensions and shapes

c) Feeding distance, the size and number of risers

6. Solid contraction and contraction defects

a) Stress generation

b) Hot tearing and cracks

c) Distortion

d) Residual elastic stress

7.Gating system design

a) Main requirements on the gating system

b) Basic components of gating systems

c) Pouring time, choke area and gating ratios

8. Foundry iron alloys - their metallurgy and heat treatment

A. Cast iron with lamellar graphite

B. Cast iron with spheroidal graphite

9. Foundry iron alloys - their metallurgy and heat treatment

Cast iron with a graphite červíkovitým

B. Malleable cast iron

C. Cast iron for special applications

D. Steel for castings

10. Foundry alloys

A. Classification of aluminum alloys according to IEC and EN

B. Principles of melting aluminum alloys

c refining, treatment of the melt, degassing

d silumin alloy - types, vaccination, modification, heat treatment

E. Other used alloys Al - use heat treatment

11. Casting magnesium alloy

a characteristic, occurrence and properties of magnesium

B. Production of metal magnesium and its consumption

magnesium alloy

d Metallurgical and technological principles for magnesium

e Reaction with magnesium alloy molding materials

12. Foundry alloy of zinc and copper

A. History, occurrence production

zinc alloys and casting methods

c Copper alloys - types, principles of melting

13. Foundry alloys of titanium, tin, lead

a temperature, melting and casting, using

Syllabus of tutorials:

Phase diagrams Fe-C, Fe-Fe3C.

Cast iron evaluation criteria.

Solidification, feeding, casting tension.

Gating systems.

Calculation of charge.



Study Objective:

To provide in detail the problems of melting and casting of foundry alloys.

Study materials:

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