Manufacturing process planning

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Department of Machining, Process Planning and Metrology

Objective of the course in terms of learning outcomes and competences. The aim of the course is to acquaint students with modern approaches and methodology of designing machining processes with regard to minimization of material consumption and economic efficiency of the machining process. Next, introducing students to the designing of assembly processes with respect to technical and organizational conditions. Further, the aim of the subject is to explain the issue of standardization of work with regard to the type of process and the type of performed activity.


Knowledges of technology of cutting metals, machining and assembly, and production methods of raw materials and design of drawings and process planning sheets. Hand over of the semestral report.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Technological design, P-Q and P-G diagrams

2. Choice of semifinished parts for production

3. Consumption of material and its use, cutting and contouring plans

4. Machining allowances and methods of their determination

5. Technological design of workpieces and assemblies

6. Technological base, conversion of dimensional chains, precision of production

7. Selection of machines and tools from a technical and economical point of view

8. Evaluation of technological process variants, critical dose and quantity

9. Design of machining and assembly processes

10. Sorting time consumption

11. Basics of work standardization

12. Methods of work standardization

13. The concept of Digital Factory and Industry 4.0 in designing machining and assembly processes

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Introductory exercises, organization of teaching, assignment of semestral work and project assignment

2. Technology design, technology optimization

3. Semi-product design, technological process

4. Determination of time standards, introduction to ergonomics

5. Control of semester work (device model), design of the workplace

6. Test

7. Inspection of workplace, auxiliary and servicing activities

8. Digitization of workplace design 1

9. Digitization of workplace design 2

10. Verification of working conditions of the workplace 1

11. Verification of working conditions of the workplace 2

12. Technical and economic evaluation of group proposals

13. Evaluation of semestral work, credit

Study Objective:

There is a main aim to learn students modern theory and methodology of manufacturing processes design including economic optimal choice of raw material and its production in this subject.

Study materials:

- Zelenka,A.-Preclík,V.- Haninger,M.: Projektování procesů obrábění a montáží, skripta FS, ČVUT 1999

- Preclík,V.: Průmyslová logistika, monografie, Nakladatelství ČVUT 2006

- Zelenka,A.-Preclík,V.- Haninger,M.: Projektování výrobních procesů, skripta FS , Vydavatelství ČVUT 1992

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