Technology II.

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Department of Machining, Process Planning and Metrology

Mechanics of chip formation, cutting processes, finishing operations, non-traditional machining processes. Production rates calculation, machining economics. Automation of processes, programming of manufacture. Engineering metrology. Assembly techniques. Introduction to process planing.


Basics of cutting technology.

Syllabus of lectures:

1) Fundamentals of machining technology

2) Machine tools, automation of movements, tool changes, workpiece exchanges, other automation options

3) NC control - principles of manual programming and workshop programming

4) Machine programming, choice of strategy and expert systems

5) Advanced turning technologies, type technology, machines, tools for progressive turning

6) Multi-axis turning, multi-spindle turning, workpiece clamping in serial and mass production

7) Advanced milling technologies, machines, four and five-axis milling, progressive tools, pallet systems

8) Production of gears, production methods, possibilities of numerical machines, finishing of gears, advanced methods of production of other complex profiles - grooving, threads

9) Surface finishing, grinding and other technologies to achieve the highest quality and precision of surfaces

10) The role of metrology in society, quality control of production processes

11) Additive and hybrid production technologies

12) Assembly technology, applied ergonomics

13) Technological design of production processes and economics

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Metrology - metering longitude, calibre, run-out.

2. Metrology - metering thread and tooth systém.

3. Theory cutting - metering force and temperature measuring.

4. Theory cutting - metering tool wear.

5. Automatization production workpiece - types machine and their technological possibilities.

6. Hand programming - assemblage NC programme for CNC lathe and for CNC milling machine.

7. Machining process planning - procedures and documents.

8. Mechanical programming - CAM systems, make-up of partprograms.

9. Cutting tools - material, cutting geometry, sharpening.

10. Economics of the cutting process - calculation boundary dues and opt. cutting conditions.

11. Consultation of semestral work.

12. Spec. technology - shaving, finishing cut method, production thread and tooth system.

13. Unconventional technology - segmentation and their technological possibilities. Assembly - fundamentals of segmentation construction according to assembly, assembly organization.

Study Objective:

To give students knowledge with methods of technology of machining.

Study materials:

- Mádl, J. - Vrabec, M. - Kafka, J. - Dvořák, R.: Technologie obrábění. Praha: ČVUT, 2007. 252 s. ISBN 978-80-01-03752-2.

- Mádl, J. - Zelenka, A. - Vrabec, M.: Technologičnost konstrukce. 1. vyd. Praha: Vydavatelství ČVUT, 2005. 135 s. ISBN 80-01-03288-4

- Kafka, J. ; Vrabec, M.: Technologie obrábění. Praha : ČVUT, 2006. 120 s. ISBN 80-01-01355-3

- http://www.americanmachinist.com/

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