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Department of Nuclear Chemistry

The first part of the course deals with general problems of the environment. Then composition of and natural processes in basic parts of biogeospere, biogeochemical cycles of elements and natural environmental radioactivity are discussed in detail. The last part describes sources of environmental pollution, migration, chemical reactions and effects of pollutants in the environment and presents analysis of basic problems of radioecology.


Students should have knowledge of principal chemical disciplines, particularly

of physical chemistry, at the undergraduate level.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Man and the environment.

2.Composition of and basic processes in the lithosphere, anthropogenic effects.

3.Chemistry of the atmosphere and atmospheric processes.

4.The hydrosphere, its composition and processes.

5.The biosphere, ecology and radioecology.

6.Biogeospheric cycles of substances.

7.Natural sources of ionizing radiation.

8.Sources of contamination of the biogeosphere.

9.Migration, reactions and effects of contaminants in the biogeosphere.

10.Biological effects of ionizing radiation.

11.Transport of radionuclides in lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere.

12.Transfer of radionuclides in biosphere including food chains.

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

Aim of the course is to give students basic knowledge of the environmental chemistry including processes and consequences of anthropogenic pollution of the environment, of the environmental radioactivity and radioecology. Students will thus gain the competence to understand relations among environmental phenomena and problems and to study them in more detail using chemical and nuclear chemical methods which they learn in other courses.

Study materials:

1.Key reference: Roy M. Harrison (Ed.): Principles of Environmental Chemistry,

The Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge 2007.

2.Recommended references: S.E.Manahan: Fundamentals of Environmental Chemistry,

CRC Press 2008.

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