Practical Exercises in Physical Chemistry

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15FYPRN Z 6 0+6
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Department of Nuclear Chemistry

Students will participate in 10 practical courses focused on principles of selected physico-chemical phenomena and methods of determination of important constants and quantities. Students will obtain necessary chemical data via chemical analysis (titration, extraction,...) and using instrumental technique (spectrophotometry, potenciometry, conductometry, polarography,...). Correct evaluation of obtained results using mathematical statistical methods is emphasized.


Knowledge of general chemistry, chemical thermodynamics and kinetic theory of matter on the level of completed basic university courses.

Syllabus of lectures:
Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Viscosity: determination of coefficient of viscosity of mixtures of acetone and water with various compositions, statistical evaluation of experimental data.

2.Cryoscopy: cryoscopic determination of molar weights of unknown compounds.

3.Partition equilibrium: study of system: benzoic acid - water - toluene.

4.Electrolysis: determination of Faraday constant, statistical evaluation of accuracy of obtained results.

5.Polarography: experimental verification of Ilkovich equation.

6.Buffering capacity: determination of buffering capacity of acetate buffers with varying composition.

7.Conductivity: determination of dissociation constant of weak monohydric acid using Ostwald law.

8.Dissociation constant: determination of dissociation constant of p-nitro phenol using spectrophotometry.

9.Activation energy: determination of activation energy of decay of coloured complex via rate constants obtained at various temperatures (spectrophotometric determination of dependency of complex concentration on time).

10.Reaction order: determination of partial reaction orders via method of initial rates.

Study Objective:

The laboratory practice in physical chemistry provides the students with the knowledge of principles of selected physico-chemical phenomena and methods of determination of important constants and quantities.

The students will acquire competence to perform independenty determination of important constants and quantities and to interpret correctly the data obtained.

Study materials:

Key literature:

1.P.W. Atkins: Physical Chemistry, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1994

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