Microsensors and Microsystems

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Department of Microelectronics

Microsystems - fundamental definitions and characteristics, reliability. Microsensors and microactuators - basic principles of operation. Intelligent microsystems, design, simulations and modelling, data processing in microsystems. Microactuator functions, structures and behaviours. individual principles of microsystems, electrical, magnetic, thermal, optic (MOEMS), mechanical (MEMS), chemical and biochemical principles and combinations (MOES, MEMOS). Microsystems applications in medicine and industry.



Syllabus of lectures:

1. Microsystem. Basic physical principles of microsensor and microactuator. Parameters

2. Temperature microsensor. Integrated CMOS and bipolar microstructures

3. Microsensor for mechanical quantity measurement. Pressure , shift , microflow, acceleration, etc.

4. Microsensor for radiation measurement. Nuclear , UV, visible , near IR and IR

5. Microsensor for chemical and biochemical quantity measurement

6. Microsensors for magnetic quantity measurement. Magnetoresistor, Hall and ferromagnetic sensor

7. Electrical microactuators. Electrostatic, resonance, piezoelectric

8. Temperature and mecanical microactuators. MEMS, gass and solid material expansion, ultrasonic

9. Magnetic microactuators. Magnetic materials, basic principles and use in practice

10. Chemical and biochemical, optic microactuators (MOEMS)

11. Information processing in microsystem

12. Microsensor and microactuator intelligence, inner subsystems, intelligence realisation

13. Microsystem design and information. Design methology, hardware and software design

14. Microsystem aplication in medical and industry. Micromotor, microinstruments, microrobotics

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Electrical properties of microsensors

2. Electrical properties of microactuators

3. Signal processing in microsensors

4. Temperature microsensors

5. Pressure microsensors

6. Capacitive microsensors

7. Modelling and simulation of temperature and electrical behaviour

8. Microsensor design

9. Microactuator design

10. Magnetic microsensors

11. Magnetic measurements

12. Non-contact position measurement

13. Measurement magnetic properties in biomedical

14. Electrostatic microactuators

Study Objective:
Study materials:

1. J. Fraden: Handbook of modern sensors. 2nd ed., Springer Verlag, 1997

2. P. Ripka (ed.): Magnetic sensors, Artech, Boston-London, 2001

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