Urbanism III - Theory

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Department of Urban Design and Planning

The course introduces the student to the most important urban theories and ways of thinking about the city from the 19th century to the present. In lectures and seminars, the student is led to think critically in order to be able to analyze, evaluate, compare and recognize the practical effects of these theories on the development of European cities.


Students are required to register for the course in the Moodle system! Mandatory and recommended reading lists are provided via Moodle. The mandatory literature is intended to be studied as a preparation of the student for the related lecture.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction, Basic terms

2. The City Beautiful

3. The Industrial city

4. The Garden city

5. The Automobile city

6. The Functional city

7. Utopia of the 60s and 70s

8. Post-modern urbanism

9. The Generic city

10. Placemaking theory

11. The Urban web theory

12. Landscape urbanism

13. Smart urbanism 

Syllabus of tutorials:

See webpage: https://moodle-vyuka.cvut.cz

Study Objective:

In the lectures, students will acquire a theoretical background to urban design that they can work with, whether in the following seminary work or in professional life.

Study materials:

Arnstein, S. (1969) A Ladder of Citizen Participation

Burgess, E. W. (1925) The Growth of the City: An Introduction to a Research Project

Castells, M. (1993) European Cities, the Informational Society and the Global Economy

Fishman, R. (1987) Beyond Suburbia: The Rise of Technoburb

Garvin, A. (1996) A Realistic Approach to City and Suburban Planning, Ingredients of Success

Geddes, P. (1915) City Survey for Town Planning Purposes, of Municipalities and Government

Howard, E. (1898) Author`s Introduction, The Town-Country Magnet

Jacobs, A., Appleyard, D. (1981) Toward and Urban Design Manifesto

Jacobs, J. (1961) The Uses of Sidewalks: Safety

Le Corbusier (1929) A Contemporary City

Lynch, K. (1960) The City Image and its Elements

Mumford, L. (1937) What is a City?

Mumford, L. (1953) The Highway and the City

Olmsted, F. L. (1870) Public Parks and the Enlargement of Towns

Ryn, S. vd, Cowan, S. (1995) An Introduction to Ecological Design

Sitte, C. (1889) Author`s Introduction, The Relationship between Buildings, Monuments and Public 

Soleri, P. (1969) Arcology: The City in the Image of Man, The Characteristics of Arcology

Squares (1889) The Enclosed Character of the Public Square

Waldheim, Ch. (2006) Landscape as Urbanism

Webber, M. W. (1968) The Post-City Age

Weller, R. (2006) An Art of Instrumentality: Thinking Through Landscape Urbanism

Wright, F. L. (1935) Broadacre City: A New Community Plan

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