Supervised Practical Training During the Semester II

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Department of Health Care Disciplines and Population Protection

The course is based on the provisions of the Decree of the Ministry of Health No. 55/2011. That the activities of health workers and other professionals.

The aim of the training experience, learning and consolidation of nursing activities in relation to teaching courses in nursing theory and nursing practice and practice under the direct leadership of the first Students learn to apply theoretical knowledge and practical skills in terms of clinical practice. At the same time they learn team collaboration, communication, independence and responsible approach to colleagues and patients. Students also perform in the practice of nursing activities that teach subjects in nursing theory and nursing practice and practice under the direct leadership of the first


First Inpatient Department of Internal Medicine

Second Inpatient Department of Surgery


Valid vaccination against hepatitis B, completed health and safety, 100% attendance, absence is to be replaced at a different time, a certificate completed professional practice in the daily records relevant department.

Students prepare a seminar paper and submit practice after graduating in electronic form. This work focuses on a selected nursing procedures. Working in the theoretical part is based on current available literature on the subject, in the practical student describes the same, but actually used a particular procedure that uses a specific workplace. Student based on the guidelines of the Ethics Committee for Biomedical CTU writing student work and observes the formalities of this type of work.

Prerequisites: Practice under the direct leadership of I.

Syllabus of lectures:


Syllabus of tutorials:

Monitoring of physiological functions. TT, TK, D. Scanning elektrokardiografického record reviews rhythm disorders, monitoring of pulse oximetry.

Ensuring hygiene in children and adults.

Providing nutrition of adults and children.

Ensuring emptying urine (bladder catheterization in adults and girls above 10 years). Ensuring defecation (enema).

Sampling of biological material.

The administration of medications. Acceptance and control of medicinal products, handling

Drug administration: oral. To cavities. (conjunctival sac, rectum, etc.), application of drugs through the skin, airways.

Medication: Application of injections I.D., S.C.

Medication: Application i.m. injection

Medication: Application i.v. inputs, treatment i.v. inputs, the application to the bone.

Medication: Infusion Therapy

Oxygen and inhalation therapy.

Transfusion therapy and the role of rescuer

Treatment of wounds, drains, stoma, invasive inputs, assistance.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation in the inpatient department

Treatment of patients in the perioperative period, care of the mobility of patients

Care of the deceased patient department

Study Objective:

The aim of the training practice, adoption and consolidation of nursing activities in relation to nursing education in the subject method 2

Students gradually acquire the skills to engage with the benefit of others, show empathy and tact to act in accordance with the ethical, legal and social principles, respect the socio-cultural diversity is not subject to bias.

Study materials:

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