Technology of automotive production

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Department of Machining, Process Planning and Metrology

Materials and stock (blanks) used in manufacture. Welding, stamping, casting and pressing technologies. Machining and finishing methods. Assembly and metrology. Process planing and plant layout planning. Everything focused on automotive production.


Basic knowledge about manufacturing methods (general) and automobile design (general).

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Casting of automotive parts, Casting alloys, cast irons.

2. Permanent mould casting - methods and products, Semisolid metal casting and forging.

3. Effect of temperature and strength on formability, Cold and hot working, strain hardening.

4. Production of automotive parts by forging, States of stresses and strains in metal forming.

5. Materials for auto body stampings, The effect of strain hardening and anisotropy on formability of metal sheets, Criteria for sheet metal forming, forming limit diagrams, Production of automotive stampings.

6. Tailored blanks, methods of welding. Heat affected zone,Welding of Zn coated sheets and Al sheets, Brazing and resistance welding, equipment for welding.

7. Theory of metal cutting. Chip formation. Cutting forces. Tool wear, tool life, tool materials. Cutting conditions. Machinability.

8. Machining methods - principle and characteristics, machines, tools, use, Gears and threads cutting - principle and characteristics, machines, tools, use, Shafts machining - typical operation sequence and facilities. Crankshaft machining. Camshaft machining.

9. Discs machining - typical operation sequence and facilities. Brake disc/drum machining.

10. Prismatic parts machining - typical operation sequence and facilities. Cylinder block machining. Cylinder head machining.

11. Other typical parts machining (e.g. cylinder liner, piston, piston ring, connecting rod).

12. Mechanical assembly - processes, organization and layout. Mechanical fastening methods.

13. Mechanical assembly - chassis and powertrain assembly, automation of assembly.

Syllabus of tutorials:

Individual project - a chosen part design and process planning (tutorial discussions and consultations, final project presentation).

Study Objective:

The course is focused on manufacturing methods for the production of parts in mechanical engineering industry and on applications of these methods in automotive production.

Study materials:

- Groover, M.P. Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing. John Wiley, New York, 2002.

- Král, M. - Čermák, J. - Bednář, B. Engineering Technology I. ČVUT, Praha, 2003.

- http://moodle.fs.cvut.cz/

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