Software Engineering

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Department of Software Engineering

The course explains essential software engineering techniques of the complex software system building using object-oriented programming. The software development process is explained as an integration of system development, software quality assurance, and software project management using miscellaneous techniques. Moreover, programming language Smalltalk is used as a demonstration tool for explained tools and techniques.




Programming skills in any object-oriented programming language.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.ICT management and its relation t the information and business strategy.

2.ICT lifecycle from manager's perspective.

3.Supporting processes for software project management, software company structure.

4.Management documentation, tasks required for project initiation.

5.Entire software project, construction and delivery.

6.Project closing, system and organization support, quality management.

7.Semestral projects.

8.Approach MDA, model transformations during development.

9.Agile approaches.

10. Reqirement engineering techniques, interviews, validation.

11.Maturity and quality issue. CMM and ITIL.

12.The role of CASE tools in analysis and consulting. Into into metamodeling and ontologies.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.-6. Lecture content presentation.

7. Semestral project appointment.

8.-10. Intro into the Smalltalk language environment.

11.-12. Prezentation and defence of semestral projects.

Study Objective:

To be able to use tools and understand theoretical background of practically used software development techniques from ICT management perspective. Techniques and guidelines presented here are essential for software project leaders, and CIOs. It covers ability to select the best implementation option, information strategy planning, training management, operation infrastructure, and other tasks required for the software project success.

Study materials:

Key references:

1. Ambler S.: The Object Primer 3rd Edition, Agile Model Driven Development with UML 2, Cambridge University Press, 2004 ISBN#: 0-521-54018-6

2. Ambler, Scott W.: Process Patterns - Buiding Large-Scale Systems Using OO Technology, Cambridge University Press - Managing Object Technology Series 1998, ISBN 0-521-64568-9

3. Ambler, Scott W.: More Process Patterns - Delivering Large-Scale Systems Using OO Technology, Cambridge University Press - Managing Object Technology Series 1999, ISBN 0-521-65262-6

Recommended references:

4. Wikipedia, www.uml.org, www.omg.org

5. Software Engineering Vocabulary, http://pascal.computer.org/sev_display/index.action

6. Merunka V.: Datové modelování , Alfa Publishing, Praha 2007, ISBN 80-86851-54-0.

7. Liping Liu, Borislav Roussev et al.; Management of the Object-Oriented Development Process - Part 15: BORM Methodology, ISBN 1-59140-605-6

8. Merunka Vojtěch, Pergl Robert, Pícka Marek: Objektově orientovaný přístup v projektování informačních systémů, ČZU Praha 2005, ISBN 80-213-1352-8

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