Basic Work with PC

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16ZPSP Z 2 0+2
Garant předmětu:
Kamil Augsten
Kamil Augsten, Jiří Martinčík
Department of Dosimetry and Application of Ionizing Radiation

The aim of the subject is to teach basic skills associated with a personal computer. The introductory part of the course is devoted to information systems and resources available to the students of CTU in Prague and FNSPE. Another part summarizes basic information about computer hardware, software, and security. Most of the course is devoted to exercises whose aim is to teach students to use office software (word processors, spreadsheets, and presentation software) at a level that is required in other courses of study (laboratory reports, bachelor's theses, and diploma theses). Completion of independent home exercises is a necessary condition for passing the subject.


There are no prerequisities.

Syllabus of lectures:
Syllabus of tutorials:

1) Introduction to Computer Science and Information Technology at CTU, the legal standards

2) Hardware (general principles, knowledge for the selection of PCs)

3) Software (sorting, summary, licenses) and basic functions of OS

4) IT security (viruses, firewalls, spyware, phishing, certificates, encryption ...)

5) Word Processing I - The philosophy and basic functions

6) Word Processing II. - Formatting templates

7) Word Processing III. - Advanced features, major projects (basic rules for DTP)

8) Spreadsheet I - The philosophy and basic functions

9) Spreadsheet II. - Formulas, built-in functions, formatting

10) Spreadsheet III. - Accessories, solver, macros

11) Presentation tools - an overview of key features (principles of formatting)

12) Test

Study Objective:


Information technologies available to the students on CTU in Prague

Basic knowledge of WH and SW.

Computer security.


Working with office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

Search in electronic sources and work with a bibliography.

Study materials:

Key references:

[1] Materials on the server https://behounek.fjfi.cvut.cz

[2] Pecinovský J., Pecinovský R.: Microsoft Office 2019 Průvodce uživatele, Grada, 2019

[3] Ján Žitniak: Microsoft Office 2016 Podrobná uživatelská příručka, COMPUTER PRESS, 2017

Recommended references

[3] Computer Parts and Components Guide for Beginners: Comprehensive Quick Guide on How to Build a PC - August 6, 2020

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