Economics of Electro and Telecommunication Engineering

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AE0M16EET Z,ZK 5 2+2s English
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Department of Economics, Management and Humanities

The basic information about the economical system in information and telecommunication branch. The brief repetition of the basic economics terms from point of view the market behavior of monopoly firm. Problems of the market segmentation, optimal tariffication and the evaluation of business plans efficiency. Legal framework of the enterprise in the informatics and telecommunication branch in Czech Republic in comparison with other developed countries. There are explained categories of economics of business (firm, utility) and branch (industry). There are taken up the systems of firm management (marketing in telecommunication) and there are provided the know how of optimal development of information systems.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Basic terminology of the market economy

2.Forms of enterprises, legislative

3.Basic economics expressions of enterprise

4.Position of informatics and telecommunication in national economy

5.Enterprise finance, costs and profits, cash flow

6.Corporate finance and finance goal of the network operator

7.Informatics and telecommunication legislative

8.Criteria of economical efficiency in information and telecommunication industry

9.Tariff policy

10.Principles of the government regulation of the monopoly network operator

11.Optimal development of the large network

12.Optimization of the system operation

13.Appreciation of system reliability and its optimal level

14.Economics aspects of networks interconnection

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Proposal of the demand and supply curve - sample

2.Start of business from formal point of view - example of accounting

3.Cost, revenues, maximization of profit in perfect competition and by monopoly

4.Demand forecasting of telephone service - homework

5.Cost and Revenues by operators of networks

6.Finance analysis of enterprise

7.Sample of discounting - the choice of optimal variant connection

8.Business plan of operator for the new regional telephone system - homework

9.Tariff proposal according to the Long Run Marginal Cost of the network operator

10.Using of price formula - sample


12.System of bulk service, appreciation of reliability - sample

13.Markov's models of reliability - sample


Study Objective:
Study materials:

1.Frank R.H.: Microeconomics and Behavior. McGraw-Hill Inc. USA 1994

2.Graham, J.: The Penguin Dictionary of Telecommunications. Penguin Books London 1991.

3.Kleinrock, L., Gail, R.: Queueing Systems. John Wiley New York 1996.

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